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Who Needs a Criminal Attorney?

The fact is that in day-to-day life we are facing continued and hidden dangers that can happen at any time. In case we encounter any danger by a person that we have to use force against the person for self-defense or protect somebody else, we might face criminal charge.

At this point, a criminal defense attorney’s job starts. For him, it does not matter who you are and what you have done. He tries to prove to the jury or judge that you had to use force against the other person for self-defense. In fact a criminal defense attorney must show the judge that you were in danger of possible physical hurt and you had use that amount of force to prevent the hurt. It is a criminal defense attorney’s job to prove that the force against you was not legal and you were unaware of that.

If you are under attack, even by close relatives, and begging, pleading, and crying may not get you out of the grip, then you may use force to defend yourself. There are many cases that women are under attack by their husbands and for self-defense purpose they kill their husbands. But these women should take into consideration the fact that there are serious questions that they should answer in order to prove that the force used by them was a self-defense otherwise they will face serious charges with irrecoverable consequences. For example they might be questioned why did not they leave husband and live with a relative or friend before the incident? Or why did not they file for divorce?

Here, your criminal defense attorney prepares you to answer these types of questions. Generally, depending on the case and conditions, a criminal defense attorney prepares a series of questions that might be asked by jury or judge and then he tries to find answers to those questions. The answers should convince the judge that you were in a situation of physical harm and therefore to avoid the harm, you used a certain amount of force, in which your criminal defense attorney tries to prove the amount of force was reasonable.

To summarize what we have discussed, if you are accused of a crime, then you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you and prove to the jury or judge that the force you used was necessary and reasonable.

Behzad Mahmoudi writes about different issues including criminal defense attorney subject in his weblog.

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