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5 Different Areas Of Law, And Why You Might Need Them

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Statistics suggest you’ll encounter a lawyer at least once in your life. Whether you’re filing for divorce, recovering from a road accident or on the wrong end of a lawsuit. We like to hope we never need to dial that number, but when the circumstances arise, you need to be prepared. A staggering amount of people don’t know how to differentiate between lawyers. While attorneys learn the full spectrum of law at college, they go on to specialise in a particular area.

Today we’ll provide a quick guide to the most common types of lawyer you’ll encounter. Read the descriptions carefully, and next time you need to contact someone, you’ll know who to turn to. Specialists are the best people to help you in a time of crisis. Remember, you’ll need their precision advice and experience. Let’s take a look.

1. Family lawyer

The family law department looks after divorce, child services, and custody issues. They may take on some element of wills and inheritance. But, that is often covered separately by a wills and probate lawyer. You’ll seek help from a family lawyer if you are considering a separation from your partner. It’s one of the most emotionally charged sectors of the law industry. Solicitors here need a stiff upper lip!

2. Land lawyer

A land lawyer, or zoning attorney, handles the issues relating to property and ownership. Real estate and development is riddled with red tape, negotiations, and difficulties. A land lawyer will help you navigate this complex process and achieve the outcome you’re looking for. They’ll assist with planning applications, zoning rights, and the tricky city hall negotiations.

3. Criminal lawyer

You definitely don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of a criminal lawyer. If you do, you’ll be in the docks facing a lengthy prosecution. Anything from fines to jail time could be on the cards here. Criminal lawyers are the ones we typically imagine. They present evidence and state a case in court, in front of a judge and jury. They may defend your crime, or form the prosecution. Seek advice from a criminal lawyer if you think you’ve been the victim of an offence.

4. Corporate and contract

If you’re wondering where the most lucrative sector of law lies, it’s here, in corporate and business law. Attorneys in this branch are responsible for writing and negotiating contracts. They ensure that laws are adhered to in the world of business, which is often a tricky subject. They’ll oversee multi-million dollar deals and sit on the advisory boards for mega companies. It’s a high-powered, stressful career path.

5. Accident and personal injury lawyer

Finally, we come to the lawyers that grace our television adverts so regularly. Accident and personal injury lawyers intend to get the compensation you are owed if you’ve been injured. They’ll help you with the insurance claims, and take proceedings to court if it is unsatisfactory.

As you can see, there are a variety of lawyers out there. Each specialises in their expert field, with their unique set of skills and experience. Next time you need to call a lawyer, you know who to approach.

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