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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Meeting With Your Personal Injury Attorney

Securing appropriate legal assistance or a personal injury attorney can be intimidating. The search for a lawyer to handle your injury case often occurs during a period of high stress and anxiety. This is exactly why you must make decisions that will aid you or your attorney in winning your personal injury lawsuit.

However, amidst all the chaos, it's simple to make errors that could jeopardize your lawsuit or even lead to severe legal repercussions, like failing to receive compensation for your injuries. Here are five typical mistakes people commit when meeting an attorney to handle their personal injury case:

Feeling Pressured to Communicate in Legal Terminology

An attorney’s education equips them with the ability to decipher legal terminology and convey this information to those not in their profession. If you're confused about a term, pause the discussion and ask your personal injury lawyer for clarification. If the volume of information feels overwhelming, don't hesitate to take notes.

When clients feel obligated to use legal jargon, it can have adverse effects. This could potentially lead the attorney to believe that the client has more legal expertise than they actually possess, resulting in misunderstandings. If the client misuses terms, they may unintentionally misrepresent the specifics of their case to the attorney.

Selecting the First Car Accident Lawyer You Come Across

Following a car accident injury, seeking advice from a seasoned auto injury lawyer is crucial. While it might be tempting to go with the first attorney you come across, it's beneficial to take a measured approach and choose a legal representative with the necessary skills and experience to secure the best possible outcome for your situation.

An effective strategy is to create a list of potential auto accident lawyers. This list can then be refined to concentrate primarily on those catering to your specific requirements. Hastily choosing the first attorney you encounter could lead to excessive charges for their services. Additionally, you might find yourself tied to a lawyer who can't deliver the same caliber of service that a competitor might have offered.

Signing Agreements Before Thoroughly Reading Them

Before putting your signature on any agreement, it's crucial to scrutinize it thoroughly. A contract is a legally enforceable pact, and once you've affixed your sign on it, you're obliged to comply with its conditions. You may find it tempting to overlook the small details, but this could land you in unfavorable circumstances. For instance, you might unknowingly consent to pay a higher sum than you planned or unwittingly relinquish your rights.

You should never hastily proceed with signing a contract, and you should avoid lawyers who dissuade you from going over the agreement. Extending your search elsewhere is advisable if they appear aggressive or dismiss your worries about the contract.

Hiding the Truth

Even if you are partly accountable for the incident, your attorney can assist in resolving it, and you might still be entitled to a portion of the damages. Being truthful about your actions fosters trust and enables your lawyer to provide more effective guidance on the next steps.

Arriving After the Scheduled Time

Neglecting to attend appointments consistently is never advisable, especially when related to legal matters. To optimize each meeting, minimize the number of times you need to attend, and aid your legal team in representing you optimally, consider the following:

  • Be there 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Contact the office at the earliest if a rescheduling is required.
  • Either switch off your mobile device or leave it in your vehicle


Understanding the key errors to avoid is crucial, yet navigating a personal injury claim or lawsuit can remain daunting. We strongly urge you to schedule a complimentary consultation with our skilled attorneys for legal counsel and a thorough assessment of your case.

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