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Where's An Attorney When You Need One?

Many of us like to think we’ll live forever. Or at least we act that way, never giving thought to the necessary preparations for dying or the possibility of having an accident or becoming a victim to someone else’s negligence. So when these things happen or become imminent, we suddenly are forced to scramble in search of legal advice or assistance. That’s why it helps to have the name of a good local attorney on hand.

Start by checking your city’s legal directory or bar association for the name of a general practice attorney who can help you with a variety of legal questions, including estate planning, making a will, preparing a power of attorney for aging relatives, arranging guardianships, helping with debt management, and offering legal counsel for other matters. You may even want to set up an initial meeting to introduce yourself and provide a personal overview. Your attorney can ask about certain areas of your life that could benefit from legal direction, or you may want to discuss certain areas that you are unsure about.

If your region does not have a local bar association, contact the state bar association to request a referral to a licensed practicing attorney in your area. You also might want to browse the Internet to visit websites of law firms that specialize in various kinds of law that might pertain to your situation. For example, if you were recently involved in a car accident, you may want to find an attorney who handles personal injury or property damage insurance claims. Or if your mother needs help in paying her bills due to declining physical or mental stability, an attorney can help you arrange for power of attorney or a guardianship.

Of course, you can always use that old standby, the yellow pages of the telephone directory and call law firms listed there when you find one or more ads that appeal to you. Word of mouth is another way to find out which attorneys come recommended from family members, coworkers, and friends. Some legal firms advertise in the newspaper or on the radio, so check these areas, too.

Don’t wait until you need an attorney before contacting one. Consider making a living will in case you are seriously injured or ill in the future, and a regular will for making final arrangements for your demise, which all of us must face one day. You also can manage your financial holdings with an attorney’s help so that they are ready to pass down when a minor child comes of age. Whatever your personal circumstances, a lawyer may be able to help you get fair terms and benefits to which you are entitled. Begin searching today so you will have the name of a competent lawyer handy when your time of need comes around.

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