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An accident lawyer's first-aid advice when you meet an accident.

Road accidents are unpredictable events with severity ranging from not getting even a scratch to causing one’s life. These crashes result in the death of approximately 1.3 million people around the globe.

As the number of accidents has increased, drivers must be ready for all eventualities. So fasten your seat belt to reduce the impact of the collision, and accelerate the following procedure when you meet with an accident.

The First-aid things

The first and foremost thing is to get out of the vehicle, gather your strength and help fellow passengers to evacuate if any, and then move to the other parties.  Assess your physical injuries and give first and immediate assistance to your injuries using the first-aid kit. Remember, sometimes the adrenaline makes it difficult to feel any pain immediately so try to diagnose without moving around a lot.

Contact Authorities

  1. Police

Call the police and report the accident. Most people in minor accidents think it's inconsequential to call the police and can suffer legal troubles for the same. It is always advisable to inform the authorities and notify them about the incident.

  1. Emergency services

After an accident happens and injuries are involved, it’s requisite to alert emergency services as soon as possible. These services come with experts to deal with such situations and can provide you with the finest aid.

  1. Insurance Company

Remember, most insurance companies need you to report all details of the accident immediately. So it’s crucial to inform your agent, because there may be coverage that can help your recovery and medical treatment, even if you were at fault. Sometimes the medical expenses can surpass your guesstimation and insurance can be the panacea. If you have injuries caused by another driver’s fault, you may have to seek compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

  1. Injury Lawyer

After a collision, it is recommended to contact a competent car accident attorney, who will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company and will advise you on how to receive compensation from your company. A san diego car accident lawyer should be your go to.

Important Documents You Need

  1. Police Report

Depending on the circumstances and place of your accident, the most evident document you need is the police report. It will be provided to you a few days after the accident and will consist of basic information such as your name, the name of the other driver involved, and the police officer.

  1. Declaration page of your policy

This declaration page in your insurance documents summarizes your coverage. This document is crucial for a couple of reasons: whether your policy includes med pay and it will also tell you even if your claim will succeed in case the other driver has limited insurance.

  1. Medical Report

 Collect all the medical records related to the treatment you have received following your accident. This should include all the documents from diagnosis, billing, and prescription to any physical therapy and specialist care. These documents are crucial and can help you in the legal process.

  1. Photographic Evidence

Photos of the accident scene can provide you with a lot of needed details, such as damage to your vehicle, injuries, who was involved, and license no. of the vehicle. It can also help your attorney and the insurance adjuster in evaluating the claim.

Things Not to Do

  • Do not sign any paper for anyone without consulting your lawyer
  • Do not admit your fault to any passerby or the other party involved
  • Don’t let them take photos of your license and other documents
  • Do not try to settle disputes instantly
  • Do not leave the scene
  • Do not share personal information
  • Never indulge in a fight.

Accidents can leave you struggling with expensive medical bills and other consequences. An accident lawyer will investigate your case and will get you the compensation you need for your medical treatment and other expenses in the aftermath of an accident.

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