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“Art Of The Deal” Autobiographer Directed To Cease-And-Desist

As Donald Trump stood on stage at the presidential convention for the GOP, accepting his place as the nominee for 2016, onlookers had to blink a couple of times. The truth is that no one took Trump seriously.

No one thought he was real when he declared he was going to run, and certainly not when he stood on stage at the debate talking about not only putting up a fence but getting the Mexican President to pay for it. But, there he was, coveting more popular votes than any other frontrunner in the history of primaries, and setting the stage to take Hillary Clinton to task over the next couple of months.

Those who know Trump insist that the persona that you see up on stage is not the same person that is underneath. As if there are two Trumps, the authoritative, bullying, quick reacting and then the soft, thoughtful and empathetic, those who know him say that the public is just getting the wrong impression about who he is.

With people in the US growing hungry for someone to say it as it is and to follow through with what they say, it is no surprise that a blowhard that doesn’t ever think about fallout or the consequences of his speech would win the hearts of those who are disheartened. Even if the press is not his biggest fan, there, as of yet, has been no one to come forward to talk about what he did in grammar school, or who he really is.

A plethora of Washington administrative law writers have come out to tell the tale of the Clintons, both while getting to the White House and then when running it. In fact, there was a movie released just this week about Clinton’s misgivings, going nationwide. Should it be no surprise that Trump may be fighting to keep his private life private?

Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter behind Trump's autobiography “The Art of the Deal” has come forward to say that he received a letter from those who represent Trump that he is to cease-and-desist any further assessment of the time that he spent with Trump while going over the details of his life.

In addition, Schwart maintained that he is to forfeit all and any royalties that he earned from the writing of the book immediately, according to the demands made in the letter. The biggest problem? Schwartz feels as if he has done nothing to be the recipient of such demands. Completely ridiculous, he believes that it is just one more sign of Trump’s character and who he is behind closed doors.

Not having any basis in anything truly “legal”, Schwartz insists that it is just a way to threaten, scare and coerce him from saying anything about Trump that he doesn’t’t want to get out. Knowing the Trump that he wrote the book about, he suspects that Trump just made a phone call after hearing that Schwartz wasn’t his biggest fan and said to do whatever it took to shut him up.

Schwarz insists that nothing in the letter is true, or legal. Working with Mr. Trump for eighteen months in the 80s, he was asked for comment when Trump made his bid for election known. Contacted by “Good Morning America”, he was also asked to contribute to a New Yorker article being formulated about who Trump is.

Schwartz maintains that the book he authored is an entire fabrication and not only is it less than loosely based on Trump’s real life, he isn’t sure if Trump ever read it through. The one thing that Schwartz will say is that he is deeply sorry for contributing in any way to Trump’s rise in both his financial endeavors and being nominated for President. He believes that a Trump Administration could potentially lead to the end of all civilization.

Trump has described Schwartz as nothing short of a disgruntled employee with a desire to take him down. He also maintains that everything he has to say is baseless and inflammatory. His side of the story is that Schwartz is just upset because since he authored the book in the 80s, he has repeatedly tried to work with Trump again, but Trump wasn’t interested, saying “I didn’t like him”.

Whether he will continue to tell a tale of who Mr. Trump is, or follow the cease-and-desist order, is in question. There is no question about the bad blood between the two, maybe just who drew first blood.

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