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Divorce Without a Lawyer - Is It Possible?

Can you get a divorce without a lawyer? Of course, the financial burden of a divorce is relevant. But even if divorce without a lawyer reduces divorce costs, you should by no means ignore the benefits of adequate legal advice.

Divorce without a lawyer is possible, but not always useful in the long run. When filing for divorce in Georgia without a lawyer it is important to keep an eye on all of the individual factors affecting your situation.

Whether a divorce without a lawyer ultimately makes sense also depends on whether it is a uncontested divorce or a contentious divorce in USA. In addition, you should consider the consequences of divorce. This includes child maintenance, visiting rights and child care, but also the division of assets and spousal maintenance.

A divorce without a lawyer is possible to a limited extent in USA, but it does not always make sense. We recommend that you have at least an initial assessment carried out by a lawyer.

The most important thing about divorce without a lawyer

The amicable divorce is possible without a lawyer, but a consultation with an expert is recommended for an initial assessment.

Since it is imperative that a spouse has legal representation in the case of a disputed divorce trial, divorce without a lawyer is by no means recommended.

If you want to go through a divorce without a lawyer, mediation can be an alternative in order to obtain legal advice and to resolve existing disagreements amicably.

Even in the case of a divorce without a lawyer, there are divorce costs in the form of court fees and costs for the divorce settlement and the divorce petition.

A divorce without a lawyer can have a negative impact on livelihood if pension or maintenance claims are not asserted or a spouse is disadvantaged in the division of assets.

Anyone who appears to a court hearing without a lawyer must first have received advice on the entire consequences of the divorce, including social security consequences and liability for loans.

Uncontested divorce without a lawyer

In USA, married couples have two options for a divorce: a uncontested divorce and a contested divorce. If there is mutual agreement that the marriage has ended, then a so-called amicable divorce without a lawyer in USA is possible.

Especially if there are no joint underage children, a uncontested divorce without a lawyer is relatively straightforward.

But even with children together, the spouses can already agree on how custody and maintenance should be regulated. If there are any uncertainties regarding the legal situation or if the spouses would like competent legal advice as support, then a lawyer for family law or a mediator is recommended.

It is not uncommon for heated discussions to arise on the subject of wealth distribution and spousal support because the respective parties feel disadvantaged.

The mediator can achieve an out-of-court dispute settlement and, as a competent contact person, eliminate ambiguities and disputes. A divorce is associated with costs, but the mediator is an inexpensive and conflict-free alternative to traditional legal advice and offers more security than a divorce without a lawyer in USA.

Can you get a divorce without a lawyer?

In USA, couples have different options for divorce. On the one hand, the spouses can file for divorce by mutual agreement or go through the disputed divorce. There is also the option of negotiating an amicable solution together in a mediation.

If the spouses divorce by mutual agreement, a divorce can be carried out without a lawyer. In most cases, however, spouses consult a mediator or lawyer if there are any disputes about maintenance claims, custody issues, or questions about property sharing.

Duration of the amicable divorce in USA

If you and your spouse can agree, the divorce should proceed quickly. The processing and duration of the amicable divorce in USA basically requires much less time and effort than a litigious divorce.

However, you must first be separated from each other for at least 6 months. Furthermore, it must be proven to the court that the spouses received legal advice on the consequences of the divorce.

The spouses can only draw up a divorce agreement once the competent court has received confirmation. You can read more about the subject of “mutual divorce” in the corresponding article.

This agreement must regulate the maintenance claims, custody of children together, the division of the marital property as well as savings and debts. After the application is submitted, a court date will be set.

Contentious divorce without a lawyer

Are you unable to come to an agreement with your spouse and are now wondering whether a contentious divorce is possible without a lawyer? No, because in a dispute you absolutely need legal counsel as part of the legal process.

Get detailed advice from a family law attorney. The complexity of the legal situation in particular makes it extremely difficult for laypeople to familiarize themselves with all the paragraphs and to find their way around the wealth of information.

It is therefore imperative that you be informed about your rights and obligations in order to assert your claims and avoid unpleasant surprises. Those who do not know 100% about their own rights will feel that they have been treated unfairly after a divorce has been concluded. As a result, going through a divorce without a lawyer is not always advisable and can have a negative impact on your future. Most importantly, keep in mind that divorce affects many different areas:

  • Child support
  • Asset allocation
  • Flat house
  • Custody
  • Access rights and visiting rights
  • Name change or name retention
  • Spousal support

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