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Do I have a right to sue if I didn't suffer any injuries in a car accident?

Yes, even if you are not hurt in a car accident, you can still file a lawsuit. After this kind of collision, your best action will probably be to file a property damage lawsuit. Even if you were fortunate enough to avoid injury, your vehicle could still sustain significant damage, and the expense to fix that damage could be very high. You have the right to take legal action if your car cannot be fixed and you must buy a new one outright or if it has been damaged to the point where the expense of repairs is prohibitive.

If your insurance provider declines to fix or replace an automobile that has sustained significant damage, you may need to file a lawsuit to force the insurance company to do so. An estimated $150 billion will be required to cover the costs of car accident-related injuries.

You have the right to take legal action if your car is irreparably damaged and you must buy a new one, or if the damage is so severe that the expense of repairs would be prohibitive. Get in touch with the best Philadelphia, PA car accident attorneys.

Claiming with an insurance company following a car accident

Hiring a qualified car accident attorney is the best approach to guarantee that you receive a reimbursement and financial losses from insurance companies or responsible parties in your car accident property damage settlement.

You will typically submit a property damage claim through the insurance provider of the party that was at fault. In a best-case scenario, this is where the problem can be handled, saving you from having to file a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, there are instances where a driver lacks insurance; according to the Insurance Research Council, 1 in 8 drivers fall into this category.

It may be necessary to file a lawsuit to recover damages if the other party in your case lacks insurance. Additionally, there may be instances where an insurance company's offer is unsatisfactory, and a lawsuit is required.

Is it possible to sue for mental anguish after a car accident?

You may be eligible for additional forms of compensation if a property damage-only accident has left you in extreme mental distress. This may involve paying for prescription drugs or engaging with a mental health expert.

You might have a case if you were in an accident and are now dealing with symptoms like melancholy, anxiety, PTSD, nightmares, new phobias, or extreme mood swings.

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