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Getting a Divorce in Guilford? Don't Make These Common Mistakes

Divorce is the one thing every person getting into marriage hopes will never happen. However, the idea of it happening is not far-fetched, considering statistics indicate that almost half of all marriages end this way.

Whether you are going through a divorce for the first time or have already gone through it before, there is always a chance of making mistakes, which can worsen this already bad experience.

This guide can offer some insight into the mistakes you need to avoid. However, it is not a substitute for seeking legal counsel from a Guilford divorce lawyer

Listening To the Wrong People

Most people describe divorce as the most emotionally and psychologically challenging experience of their life. With challenging times comes seeking solace in the people closest to you. 

Unfortunately, this could also mean listening to the wrong advice. Almost every person you meet has their own experiences with divorce. While you can get solace from learning about other people's experiences, remember every case is unique and requires a unique approach. What was suitable or relevant to one person’s case may not be so for your case. You are the person who needs to live with the outcome of your divorce, which can include having to co-parent with an ex-spouse and tend to children’s wellbeing, so you should not be swayed by the opinions of people who are not similarly invested in the outcome of your case.

Making Emotional Decisions

It is practically impossible not to get emotional through the divorce process for most people, which is understandable. A divorce marks the end of what most people thought was their happily ever after and maybe years of emotional investment. 

At other times, the circumstances leading up to the relationship breakdown can leave one or both parties feeling betrayed and wanting to get even. 

While it may take all you have, leave emotions out of your decision-making. It may not make sense at first, but you will realize that it doesn’t serve you any good because emotional decisions only make the process more complex and stressful, and ultimately cost you more. 

Not Addressing the Money Issue Adequately

The shared pool of resources in a marriage relationship makes money management relatively easy. After divorce, there are no pooling resources. You will have to pay your own bills, file your taxes separately, and do everything financially on your own. So, you do not want to make mistakes when handling the money question because it may impact how the rest of your life turns out. 

In Connecticut, marital property is divided equitably upon divorce, meaning it may not be a 50/50 share but rather in a way that is fair for both spouses by considering several factors, such as each party's financial status, duration of the marriage, each party's contribution, etc. 

Honesty in declaring property is critical, so if you suspect dishonesty, you may want to involve your divorce lawyer, auditors, and financial experts. 

Engaging In Property and Child Custody Battles

It is natural to want to keep certain assets, for example, if they have sentimental value. But it is also essential to consider the cost of such battles. Sometimes, letting go will serve you better. After all, you may want to have everything, but it is impossible. 

"Unlike property, children have feelings, and the last thing you want is to have them think later that you were fighting because of them. The effect such a discovery can have on their emotional well-being can last a lifetime, so whenever possible, find a mutually agreeable solution to their custody," says Guilford divorce attorney Matthew F. Dolan of Dolan Divorce Lawyers, PLLC.

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