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Guide to Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Finding the right divorce attorney is important as it ensures that the divorce process will go smoothly. Divorce is not an easy process especially for those who already have children. If you and your spouse can settle the issue out of the court, a mediation service is better instead of hiring a divorce attorney. Hiring a divorce attorney is suitable for couples who are constantly arguing and couldn’t reach an agreement. It is best to seek help from a divorce attorney if you have an abusive or dishonest spouse.

The first step is to determine the type of divorce process such as litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce. You can check with your local court for a list of approved divorce attorneys. The list only provide recommendations of lawyers that hold a national certification by the local board certification programs.There are a few websites where you can get recommendations on the attorneys for example American Bar Association’s Division for Legal Services. If you can’t seem to find a suitable lawyer from the court approved list, you can ask your friends who work in the legal field to suggest one.

Your friends may not know any Tulsa attorney but they may suggest you other lawyers whom you can ask for recommendations for divorce lawyers. The family lawyer you choose should have experiences in dealing with the same type of divorce process you choose. He should be someone that you feel easy in communicating your situation and not just someone that your friends have said a lot of positive complements.

During the consultation, you must tell your story in details to the lawyers so that you can listen to different perspectives. In case you forgot what you want to ask the lawyer, you should write down these questions on a paper so that you can refer to it during consultation. You must also determine your budget on the lawyer fee.You should consult 2  - 3 lawyers to get an idea on the right lawyer to hire.

When asking for a quote, you should ask them to provide details on the type of legal services you are being charged and how much each legal services will cost in the quote. It is not necessary to hire an expensive Tulsa attorney that charges several hundred dollars per hour if you do not own any asset for example you rent a house instead of owning it. It makes sense to hire an expensive attorney if you own a lot of assets as he will know the strategy to help you protect them in the court trial. The more complicated your financial situation is, the more expensive the divorce lawyer you should hire.

It is a must to schedule a face to face appointment prior to making a decision on which lawyer to hire. You should hire a lawyer that has a well designed website with easy to use navigation menu. If the lawyer website has a lot of broken links or the lawyer does not have any website, it is a red flag and you should look for another attorney. If you do research at review sites, you must keep in mind that each review site uses a different rating depending on the factors that are being considered. Therefore, the rating that you see on the same law firm may differs at various review sites.

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