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Helping Your Attorney After An Accident

Although an attorney can offer assistance if you've been involved in an accident, there are a few responsibilities that you have as well that can sometimes help your attorney obtain the compensation that you deserve. Tell your attorney about everything that happened that led up to the accident. You can obtain a police report and witness statements as well. If you leave out details of what happened while you're at the accident attorney Tampa office, then it could discredit you, which means that the statements you make could be thrown out in court. If this happens, then you might not get any kind of compensation for any injuries, pain and suffering, or lost wages due to being out of work.

Make sure you get examined by a doctor after the accident. Go to each appointment that is made, and follow through with all recommendations that are given by the doctor. You should also keep records that you receive by the doctor so that your attorney has the documents needed to show proof of your injuries and any further treatment that is needed. Only discuss the details of your case with your attorney. No one else needs to know about what happened or any possible settlement that you might receive. Avoid talking to insurance companies as well because they will likely try to sway your thoughts by pressuring you or by trying to offer a settlement outside of court. If you accept the offer from the insurance company, then you will usually receive less than what you deserve and what your attorney could obtain by working with the insurance company.

Social media is a tool that many people use to talk about incidents that happen to them, but you should avoid putting any details on your page as some insurance companies view what people post. You should also avoid giving details about activities that you take part in after your accident because it could show that you're able to work and that you're not injured as severely as you claim.

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