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How Court Ordered Drug Addiction Programs Work

It can be difficult to watch a loved one suffer as a result of a drug addiction. Often, those with addictions end up getting in trouble with the law. When this happens, Alafaya Marchman Act Servicescan come into play. As a result of The Marchman Act, a person is able to get the help that they need so that they don’t cause further harm to themselves or others.

What is The Marchman Act?

The Marchman Act took effect in Florida in 1993. It serves as a legal method of emergency assistance for those who suffer from addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. If someone is deemed unable to function rationally and may cause harm to themselves or others, the act ensures that the individual can receive immediate substance abuse evaluation and even treatment. The act ensures that the individual gets the help that they need as opposed to throwing them in a psych ward. With the court order, a person would be legally required to get the assessment so that professionals determine whether they have a problem or not. It can be the best way to show that there is a problem. If they do not comply with the assessment or treatment order, significant legal consequences can occur.

Intervention at a Higher Level

Many friends and family members may be watching someone they love destroy their life. They may have tried to set up an intervention in the past but have been unsuccessful. Court ordered drug treatment programs can be the best way to intervene. It ensures that an individual has no other choice. Because it is being ordered by the court, they need to go through the evaluation. Then, if professionals deem it necessary, the individual can get the necessary treatment. This is often the best way to step in and help a person. Otherwise, they can choose not to get the help. Meanwhile, they will continue to spiral downwards while you watch helplessly.

Long Term Treatment Plans

Most of the treatment plans are for the long term. The goal is to help a person with every aspect of their addiction. By the end of the program, a person understands that drugs or alcohol are not the answer. They may have received medical detox as well as a significant amount of counseling. In the treatment center, they will be assessed to determine what’s going on. If they have an underlying medical issue, such as depression, this can often be treated at the same time. It ensures that they get the support that they need to get back on track with their life. Additionally, they will learn a variety of coping mechanisms to help them avoid a relapse. Many times, the treatment plans include ongoing counseling so that they continue to receive the support. If they have been court ordered to attend the treatment program, it can ensure that they stick with it through the very end so that they get the help that they need. The treatment center that they visit can vary based on the outcome of the assessment that is given.

Deciding if The Marchman Act is the Best Option

You can choose to intervene at a higher level by talking to professionals. Florida intervention services may be what’s necessary for you to have a positive impact on a loved one’s life. They can get their health back on track and improve their life considerably. It may help the entire family heal because they will no longer be hurting themselves or others. Once a person learns about their addiction and begins to recover, they will need a strong support system. Taking the first step is always the hardest. When you have tried to get them the help that they need in the past and failed, a court-ordered intervention may be the best option for you.

It’s important to talk with other family members about whether a Marchman Act is going to be right for the individual. A court-ordered assessment may be a great option. From there, your loved one can access long-term treatment services so that they can make considerable strides.

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