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How Do You Know If You Are Eligible For Legal Aid?

Let's Start With The Legalities 

Every defendant or plaintiff in the court needs a legal representative(or so-called a lawyer) to defend them regardless of the charge or subject of the matter. No service comes free of charge, so the ones hiring a lawyer or an advocate think twice knowing what they are signing up for and how much they are signing up for.

Welcome To The Welfare System Of The Court 

Also known as legal aid. In some countries of the world, the government provides some kind of financial provision or benefits to individuals of low income, or to families who have no bread-winners to earn for them, as such a single mother handling a household. In this manner, there are people who want to appeal their cases in the court but are not financially stable to afford legal aid lawyers in order to defend themselves. That's where legal aid jumps in, but there is an eligibility criterion to which people can opt for or qualify for legal aid.

What Entitles You To Get Legal Aid?

Every state has its own system of providing legal aid, hence they vary in policies and in criteria between each other but they are the common basis on which you qualify for legal aid.

1.      Available For Individuals With Zero Income 

Legal aid is only granted and available to those who have no income or spend whatever they have in their pockets for basic necessities. Therefore you have to prove you are financially weak to afford legal representation. 

2.      Victims 

Victims of domestic violence, assault,discrimination,sexual harassment or rape, etc. Victims who have been oppressed upon in any way that they are harmed are allowed to seek legal aid from the state or any legal service.

3.      Debts And Disputes 

This pertains to issues and situations of property disputes or inheritance claims within the family circle. Where the court sees or other legal services observe inequality or under-representation in front of the court are eligible to obtain legal aid.

4.      Other Accounted Factors

Asylum, immigration, and medical-related issues are accounted for on a legal aid basis but only if the case is strong enough to go to the court if the legal firms assess it on criteria terms.

Why Is Legal Aid So Important? 

Legal aid is a chance for people to represent themselves in court despite their weak financial position. But not only that, they are thousands of suffering victims who cannot stand up to defend themselves; hence seeking legal aid is a chance for them to get justice. Legal aid is implemented and should be implemented by every country, because they are people out there who are in the shadow of injustice and they deserve a chance of redemption. 

To Cut Long Story Short,

So to cover it all, individuals who cannot afford legal representation due to lack of income or weak social position whatsoever are accepted by the court to get legal aid. Lawyers and legal services around the world support this system that they put down their own charges to represent the weak and unfit. Legal aid is the best way to help the misrepresented and under-represented.

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