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How To Write An Appeal Letter For A College Dismissal

If you have performed really poorly in the semester, the consequences can be severe: dismissal. But, most colleges give students a chance to be dismissed from medical school as the grades never tell the whole story. An appeal is an option to provide your college with the conditions for academic shortcomings. If your college committee does not agree with your appeal, speak to a lawyer. 

There are different ways to appeal. Some tips mentioned below can help you get back into a good position at your college. 

How to write an appeal letter for a college dismissal

1. The letter should be your own

If you are a student who earned awful grades in writing classes, the appeal committee will be very suspicious if you submit a letter that has not been written by you and some professional writer. Spend your time polishing your letter, but it should be clearly written with your language and ideas. 

Also, ensure your parents do not have a hand in the appeal process. The appeals committee wants you to stay committed to your college success, not your parents. If your parents are involved in the appeal process, and it looks like they are more curious about appealing your dismissal than you are, the chances for success will be very low.

2. Set the right tone

You need to be apologetic and personal from the beginning of your letter. Your college is giving you a chance to appeal, and the committee members are spending their time because they believe in giving second chances to deserving students.

“To whom it may concern” is common for a typical opening for a business letter, but you will have a specific committee name to address your letter. Give some personal touch and do not make any demands in the letter. Even if you feel you have not been treated fairly, express your appreciation for the appealing committee’s willingness to consider your appeal.

3. Be honest

The reasons for academic dismissal are often embarrassing and vary widely. Some students suffer from depression; some get messed up with alcohol or drugs; some try to get off their medication; some stay up late at night playing video games, etc.

Whatever the cause of your bad grades, always show your honesty to the appeal committee. Every college believes in second chances, which is why they let you appeal. If you can not make up for the mistakes, you are showing the committee that you are irresponsible, immature, and lack self-awareness and integrity. 

Remember that the committee will be notified about your behavior on campus. They will receive feedback from the professors, and if the appeal seems to contradict the information obtained from others, it is unlikely to be successful. 

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