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Stay Off Social Media If You’ve Suffered a Personal Injury

Social media has crept its way into nearly every facet of our lives, and you may find yourself sharing a bit too much about your life with friends and family. If you’re a member of this category and you happen to suffer a personal injury in the future, your best bet will be to curb your habits and stay off social media channels until your injury has healed and your case has wrapped up.... [Continue Reading]

How and when should you hire the services of a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who will provide you with legal representation if you have been physically hurt due to the negligence and delinquency of another person. In this article, you will learn about when you should hire the services of a personal injury attorney and how you can find such an attorney. When do you require a personal injury lawyer? In the event that you have faced... [Continue Reading]

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Have you seen the commercials on local television telling you that you might deserve compensation if you’ve taken a certain medication with unannounced side effects, experienced an injury, or undergone another hardship? These are put on by personal injury attorneys. Contrary to popular belief, personal injury attorneys don’t just sit around sipping coffee from their favorite coffee... [Continue Reading]

Important Facts About Car Accident Claims in Arizona

Car accidents are devastating in many respects. Your vehicle is damaged, and you may be hurt as a result. There is also a great deal of uncertainty as to how you go about claiming your accident with the negligent party’s insurance company. Knowing the key facts about car accidents can help you be better prepared in case an unfortunate vehicle crash happens to you. Hiring A Car Accident... [Continue Reading]

5 Proven Tips to Increase Your Chances When Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

Being injured in an accident of any kind presents a number of problems and most of them create a financial burden. This is why the law allows people to pursue compensation, or damages, from those injured through the negligence of others. While you may have certain rights that allow you to receive compensation, either through an insurance settlement, or a court-ordered award, you also have certain... [Continue Reading]

The Indigenous Incarceration Crisis

In the past century, it’s been well established by statisticians that racial minorities are over-represented in North American prison systems. You’d hope that in the past twenty years, this would have changed a bit, but in fact, the statistics are worse than ever with native North Americans, black people and Latinos making up an increasing portion of prison populations. The native... [Continue Reading]

Other Important Professionals Involved in Criminal Justice

Your attorney works hard to provide you with adequate counsel regarding any criminal charges levied against you, but lawyers aren’t the only professionals who can work in your corner. In fact, in major criminal cases, you are likely to have an entire criminal justice team assembled to find evidence and argue your case. Though attorneys might be the rock stars of criminal justice, there... [Continue Reading]

How Your Statements Can Be Used Against You In Court

If you’ve lived all your life in a democracy based on the rule of law, chances are you walk around believing you can legally say anything you want. For the most part, this is true, especially in a country like the United States where citizens are protected by the First Amendment. But it’s important to understand that even in places with free speech laws, statements someone makes can... [Continue Reading]

The Underlying Cause: 4 Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents That Can Lead to Lasting Consequences

The force and weight involved in truck accidents cause extensive injuries. The average car weighs around 4,000lbs, but a truck can often weight in excess of 80,000lbs. This excess weight turns trucks into a destructive force when they collide with other vehicles. Understanding the reasons why truck accidents occur is essential for bringing the numbers down. For truck drivers, this is particularly... [Continue Reading]

U.S. Criminal Justice Simplified: 3 Examples of Felonies and How to Classify Them

The criminal justice system in the U.S. can seem a bit complicated for someone who is not well versed in the law. When a crime is committed, there could be a difference in how it is categorized based on such factors as what the intent of the criminal was, whether there was in fact intent of a criminal nature, or whether a crime was committed due to negligence. If something was stolen, the... [Continue Reading]