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Reasons To Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are usually severe and often leave victims in devastating conditions. Suppose you or any of your family members are involved in a truck accident caused by another person's negligence; then you may be entitled to some compensation. This compensation could come from the insurance companies involved or the at fault parties themselves. 

When filing for this compensation, it is always best to do so under the guidance of a legal professional because having representation can go a long way in determining the outcome of the case. When you hire a truck accident lawyer in Sarasota, you can rest assured that your case will be adequately documented and your arguments excellently delivered. 

Unfortunately, many accident victims think that accident lawyers charge way too much and, as such, opt to handle the complex legal process themselves. Doing this is more like deliberately sabotaging the chances of getting adequate compensation than more of it. 

What most do not know is that insurance companies' adjusters will do everything possible to deny your claim or offer you compensation that is less compared to the worth of your case. So you need the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer to counter the adjusters’ arguments and give you proper evaluation of your case. 

Also, since the insurance company can reject your compensation claims, you may need to go to court. When this happens, the lawyer will be available to fight for you in front of a judge.   

If you are still not convinced that hiring a truck accident lawyer is the right step to take, listed below are some additional reasons for you to consider. 

Identify All Liable Parties

Unlike car accident cases where usually only a driver is held liable, the truck accident involves multiple parties. The accident may be traced back to several parties, including the truck driver, the trucking company, the party hiring the trucking company, the mechanic maintaining the truck, and the manufacturer. Any of the parties is critical to file an insurance claim. 

Not having a good knowledge of trucking accident laws can affect how you handle the case. You may find it difficult to link the liable parties together. Suppose you exceed the statute of limitations provided by the state's laws while trying to identify the liable parties yourself. In that case, you may end up missing out on compensation. 

Your truck accident lawyer will take care of every stage of the case, carry out detailed research, gather evidence, identify liable parties and meet with them for financial compensation to regain what you have lost due to the accident. 

Proper Protection And Fight For Non-Economic Damages

Insurance companies have tricks they use to evade paying compensations. But with your truck accident attorney by your side, you will be saved from spilling things that they may use against you during the claim process. Also, your truck accident lawyer will examine your case to see if you can get compensation for non-economic damages suffered. 

An experienced truck accident attorney will examine the level of pain suffered and arrive at a figure used to demand compensation. This act is an excellent way to increase the worth of your case and set up a plan that takes care of all your cases.  

Take Care Of Complex Negotiations

Trucking crash cases are more complex compared to ordinary car crashes. It involves conversations and negotiations with big companies and their highly experienced adjusters and negotiators. As an individual with no experience in such a field, you may find it challenging to navigate. Having a truck accident lawyer handle such negotiations takes the stress off you. With them taking charge of the negotiation, you can focus on other aspects of the case, such as your medical treatment. 

Easy Navigation Of Special Rules And Trucking Regulations

Unlike commercial and private drivers, truck drivers have unique rules and regulations guiding them. These rules are voluminous, and you may find it challenging to understand some of them. Examples are: rest time, weight limits for each vehicle type, specific working hours, etc. Your truck accident lawyer understands this industry and these rules and regulations. Thus, they will be able to identify if any violation has occurred either by the driver, supervisor, the trucking company, client, or any other party that can help your case. The more violations you can unravel, the higher the chances of holding more parties liable, impacting the value of compensation paid. 

Application Of Comparative Fault Law

Every state has a comparative fault law which determines the amount of compensation you can get for your truck accident case in the event you are also partially at fault.

Usually, the amount of compensation is determined by your percentage of fault. For most states, so far as your percentage of fault is not above 50%, then you'll get compensation. Having legal representation is an excellent way to ensure a strong case is built and that the law is fairly applied. 

Proper Legal Strategy Is Needed

While dealing with a complex case like a truck accident case, the difference between you handling the case and an attorney taking care of the case is always the strategy adopted. Usually, insurance companies are fond of protecting their pocket. Thus, they will be quick to offer you a small compensation deal right after the accident happens. Most people end up taking this deal since they are usually desperate and not in their right senses at this period. But with a truck accident attorney by your side, things will be different. Your attorney will advise you against taking a bad deal and ensure you are fairly compensated. 

Insurance firms are good at playing on your ignorance, and if care is not taken, you end up getting less than what you should have been offered if you had an attorney represent you. 

Having a truck accident lawyer represent you in handling your truck accident claim also allows you to focus on your recovery. With the law firm handling things, you can rest while they do the heavy lifting. Also, since most truck accident lawyers fees are based on contingency, you don't have to worry about payment until the compensation is won. 

You can start your process of hiring a truck accident lawyer by speaking with one in your community. 

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