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Suing a Dentist for Negligence

Unable to eat sleep or even think properly because the pain in your teeth and gums is stopping you from doing this? Have you had a recent dental treatment that has left you with nerve damage pain in your mouth? Leaving you with sensitivity, constant pain, altered sensation, pins and needles and or numbness that is felt in your teeth and your gums making you feel very unwell and leaving you feeling very unhappy. The kind of pain that has even taken away the joy of doing everyday things like being unable to eat or drink brush your teeth and most of all kissing the one you love! If this describes you or someone you know and how you are feeling in your life now, do not despair you are not alone.

You put your trust in your dentist, so when you need to go or choose to see the dentist, you expect to feel some temporary slight discomfort as you realise your mouth is such a sensitive place. You can sometimes feel anxious or nervous about visiting your dentist but appreciate their expertise and knowledge in carrying out a duty of care towards you their patient. If your dentist is found to be responsible for causing you unnecessary pain and suffering, then they must be accountable for this.

Nerve damage in the mouth can happen when dental treatment carried out by your dentist, due to their error or imperfection has gone wrong. Leaving you in pain and suffering instead of looking and feeling your best. These are just a few examples that can be the cause of nerve damage pain:

  • Root canal treatment.
  • Deep fillings
  • Mandibular nerve damage resulting from wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Mandibular nerve damage following a dental implant procedure.
  • A local anesthetic
  • Tooth Extraction.

Almost all of these dental procedures if done incorrectly can result in nerve damage.

For example, when wisdom teeth have been extracted, and the dentist has failed to protect the lingual nerve which is subsequently damaged. Or if after you have had dental implant placements, and the dentist has caused injury to the oral branches which result in trigeminal nerve damage.

Mandibular blocks are performed using an injection of a local anesthetic & is required when needing dental treatment. However, they need to be skilfully performed so as not to cause any nerve injury. Pain or numbness felt in the jaw after a dental procedure can be a sign of dental nerve damage, and would need investigating, whatever your symptoms, after having any dental treatment, if it is still in a three-year period something can be done. Even if you cannot remember or are not sure of the appointment date or time or what procedure was carried out, it can still be investigated.

So, while you are now constantly questioning yourself, whats happened to my teeth? Why am I feeling so much pain? And where are the pain killers to take away this awful and unbearable pain? What you need to be asking yourself is, what can I do about this nerve damage pain? Is my dentist responsible for this happening to me? How can I do something about it? And can I get justice for my pain and suffering who can I turn to who can help me now.

When it comes to suing a dentist for negligence, a specialist personal injury solicitor is who you’ll need to turn to now! Solicitors who are experts in dealing with dental negligent claims. It is all going to be easy for you from here on in. With many law firms offering a no win no fee service, what could prevent you from finding out if you can apply for dental negligent compensation caused by nerve damage pain felt in the mouth, in the teeth, in the gums, and the surrounding area. You owe it to yourself to do this, and the benefit will now be all yours.

From here on in everything you say and express to them will be taken into consideration and tailored to your personal needs and requirements, especially in making your claim possible and achievable even if it is applicable, recovering any loss of earnings while being unwell with nerve damage pain.

Most personal injury law firms will be ready, willing and able to help. You are in their safe and competent hands from here on. Firstly they can evaluate your case and begin the proceeding on a no win no fee basis (all stress-free) If you are successful, you will receive a cash sum payout. How wonderful would that be after going through all the mental, physical and emotional upset you have suffered due to nerve damage pain. To be finally recognised!

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