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What Can a Defense Lawyer Do If I'm Only Charged With Speeding?

“Though it may depend on the circumstances, getting a lawyer for your speeding ticket may be well worth the cost,” says expert criminal defense lawyer Tom Addair of Addair Law Firm. Since speeding charges can be difficult to fight back against, many argue there's no point in defending them. With so much evidence typically collected, how can you defend speeding? Luckily, an individual with no history of criminal behavior getting caught with a non-serious speeding charge may have a strong chance of winning their case.

The Role of a Defense Lawyer in a Speeding Case

A skilled attorney can reduce costs, lessen the severity of penalties, or find alternatives to a sentence. It is your legal right to review all of the evidence gathered by the police and used by the prosecutor in a case against you. This is known as "discovery." Your criminal defense attorney may be able to make this request on your behalf.

To receive the relevant evidence in an understandable format, You will be required to present specific certificates for your radars and speedometers during the trial. An attorney specializing in criminal defense can ensure that you have the correct one and that the officer has the necessary training to use it correctly. Furthermore, your attorney would conduct the interrogation, also known as a "voir dire." They will be well-versed in the questions typically posed to potential jurors. They will understand how to dismiss the jury if any jurors are biased.

 You should consult with a criminal defense attorney to determine whether the deal offered to you is favorable based on the gathered evidence. Furthermore, a criminal defense attorney can ensure that the fees and punishments you face are reasonable.

Evidence That Can Assist Your Defense

A criminal defense lawyer can use numerous strategies to assist your speeding charge defense. Attorneys can help identify evidence that can conflict with that of the prosecution. 

Attorneys can help find a mechanic willing to testify that your car simply could not go as fast as the officers claimed it could. Proving this in court on your own may be difficult. On the other hand, a skilled criminal defense attorney would be able to supply that argument with the necessary data to substantiate your allegation, which would be in their favor. Furthermore, the attorney would be able to avoid any interruptions caused by the prosecution because the witness's testimony is "inappropriate" and "devoid of basis."

A criminal defense attorney can also help your case by preventing the prosecution from presenting misleading evidence to the jury. Prosecutors may use your statement to the police as evidence against you. An experienced attorney could determine when the prosecution is violating your Miranda rights by using evidence obtained illegally in their case against you.

Contact a Lawyer Who Is an Expert in Your Field!

Although you have the option of representing yourself, it is not recommended. A criminal defense lawyer can easily guide you through your trial and find new evidence in your case. You will only be able to learn some of what you need to know from conducting Internet research between now and your next court appearance, at least not as much as an experienced attorney already knows. You may only know what evidence your defense may have once you hire an attorney.

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