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3 Reasons You Need a Construction Accident Lawyer for Personal Injury

Accidents and injuries are common on construction sites. These days, crane construction is getting bigger, and therefore, workers will need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney in case of serious injuries. Although some accidents, slips, falls, or injuries are not that serious, no injury is to be taken casually. Then, workers need to hire an experienced legal professional to have the knowledge and skills to deal with personal injury claims.

According to an article published on, there are some common blunders after an accident or injury. One of these is delaying is seeking medical help that may affect your claim. To ensure you receive fair compensation, here are three why you need to hire a construction accident lawyer:

  1. Muscle sprains or ligament injuries

Workers often have muscle sprains or ligament injures when working on a construction site, lifting heavy objects, or tripping over things. Did you know that about 28,000 people experience ankle sprain daily? Tendons connecting muscles to bones often get stressed due to heavy lifting jobs or repeat tasks on a construction site.

That is why you need to move naturally because lifting and twisting bulky objects lead to muscle sprains or ligament injuries. A severe sprain or injury that affects your ability to resume work leads to lost wages for several days. That is why you need a personal injury lawyer for construction site accidents.

  1. Bone fractures

Bone fractures are common in a construction site and such injuries mustn’t go unreported. Middle-aged or older workers are prone to bone fractures compared to younger ones. You will find more information available at Flagler Personal Injury Group website in case you have sustained fractures and severe injuries.

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Your fracture may be open or close depending on how severe our injuries are. Medical costs and lost wages will lead to financial problems. So when you have a personal injury attorney, he will compute the cost of medical treatment and damages sustained. Accordingly, he will file a claim so that you receive fair compensation from your employer. A legal expert will have a sound understanding of what steps should be taken that work for your benefit.

  1. Neck or spinal injuries

Workers in a construction site often have neck or spinal injuries. It could be due to a fall from a certain height. The injuries and symptoms vary depending on the severity of the injuries. Mild injuries mean numbness, soreness, and weakness for some time. Then, severe injuries could be as damaging as shock or paralysis.

When your neck or spine is injured, you may experience excruciating back or neck pain. You should not take it lightly. Again, backache from some collision in a construction site is not a matter of joke.

Paralysis occurs when the muscles fail to receive messages from the brain. It could be serious enough to adversely affect the whole body or injure one limb. Workers may experience it on one side or the other side. Therefore, if you have spinal or neck injuries, get in touch with a construction site lawyer immediately.


Injuries could be mild or severe on a construction site. No matter what, you need to consult a legal professional for your personal injuries for a fair claim in a court of law.

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