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Some Tips for Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Law Firm to Minimize Your Tension & Stress

When you or somebody close to you is facing some criminal charges, it becomes imperative on your part to look for a reliable and reputable criminal defense law firm. Crime and violence are nothing new in today’s city life. Even though there has been a slight dip in crimes in general, during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, researchers have come up with some intriguing crime facts in New York City. According to, there has been a dramatic rise in the overall number of shootings with a number of bullet victims almost double as compared to the same time last year. 354 killings in New York City have been registered by police through October 11, 2020. 

The most critical decision you have to make is hiring the best criminal defense law firm for assisting you. Here are some expert tips to identify and choose the right criminal defense law company. 

Seek the services of an Experienced Law Firm

Examine precisely how many years of exposure and experience does the criminal defense law firm has. Do they have a robust track record of winning criminal defense cases? Are the attorneys having specialization in criminal defense law? Are the attorneys experienced players in terms of defending clients with similar criminal charges that you are currently facing? Ask your lawyer how many years of experience the law firm seems to be having in tackling criminal defense cases similar to yours. Employ the services of a criminal defense law firm that has reasonable experience in similar cases and are familiar with the kind of criminal charges that you are currently facing.

Browse through Testimonials & Reviews from Former Clients

While experience is important, it is a good idea to learn from former clients on how efficiently the firm had handled their cases. You may browse through the official website of the specific criminal law firm and read the client case results and testimonials. This should give you a fair idea of the criminal defense law firm’s credibility and competence. Furthermore, you may examine review sites such as Google Plus and Yelp for seeing what the previous clients have to say about your shortlisted law firm. When you hear Scott Nolan discussing violent crimes in Manassasyou may seek his legal advice as an authority in criminal defense law. Get in touch with his law firm. Here’s a map for location reference. 

Consider Checking Attorney Ratings

You may consider checking the ratings of your criminal defense lawyer on reputed rating sites such as,, and Best Lawyers in America. Their ratings could help you decide which specific law firm to opt for resolving your legal matter. For instance, a lawyer’s AVVO rating is actually calculated with a smart mathematical model that takes into account all the information and data contained in an attorney’s profile and that may include his experience and the time in terms of years, he has devoted to practicing criminal defense, professional achievements, disciplinary history, and industry authority and recognition. 


Consider the top three parameters discussed above while choosing the best criminal defense law company in town for fighting your case on your behalf to achieve success eventually. Only a criminal defense lawyer of great renown with an impressive track record of winning your type of cases can help you win your case and keep stress or tension at bay.

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