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3 Steps to Take After Being Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

If you’ve recently been injured in a slip and fall accident, the last thing you probably want to think about is “taking steps” of any kind. While it may be best for you to get your rest in order to facilitate a complete healing process, there are some figurative steps you can take to ensure that you’re compensated for the cost of medical bills, your inability to work, and the toll that the pain & suffering has caused you. With that said, here are four steps to take if you were recently injured due to a slip and fall accident in a place of business:

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1. Know What to Expect When Dealing with an Injury Lawyer

Let’s face it, the first thought that comes to the minds of many people who are involved in slip and fall accidents is often “I’m suing.” Since the first step in suing the place of business where you fell is to contact an injury lawyer, it’s important to know what to expect during this opening move. Generally, during the initial consultation you will be expected to share your account of the incident in full detail so that the lawyer can provide accurate advice and an overview of any potential tactics that might be used in your favor during the case.

2. Try to Have your Case Taken on Contingency

Contrary to popular misconception, you shouldn’t necessarily expect to pay exuberant fees upfront, as many injury lawyers will take your case on contingency, which means they’ll only get paid a percentage of the compensation you’re able to recover. Of course, another upside of opting for this approach is that you can be certain that the injury lawyer who takes your case is confident in their ability to win your case because they typically won’t be paid for losing.

3. Document Any Medical Attention That You Received

Of course, if you were injured to the extent of seeking the assistance of an injury lawyer, there’s a good chance you’ve already taken the obvious step of obtaining medical assistance after the incident. Be sure to hold onto any documents and bills you receive from the hospital or your healthcare provider, as this information can be used to substantiate your need for compensation in court. If you still haven’t obtained an official diagnosis or treatment for your injuries, you need to do that as soon as possible, as postponing it further could decrease the credibility of your claim.

Don’t Forget to Contact Witness and Prepare Testimonies

Since not all slip and fall cases will have witnesses that can be called upon, this is included as an optional last step for those individuals who did slip and fall in front of a crowd or small group of people. Hopefully, you either knew some of those people or have a way to reach out to them in retrospect so you can arrange for them to provide written testimonies that may help to further prove negligence or wrongdoing on behalf of the establishment where your slip and fall accident occurred.

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