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Why Your Choice of Divorce Lawyers Matters: How to Choose the Right One

Let’s face the facts. Going through a divorce can be one of the ugliest and most stressful situations you may ever encounter during the course of your lifetime. In fact, divorce can get especially nasty if there are children involved or valuable property to be divided fairly according to the laws in your state. While any attorney at law can represent you in a divorce suit, it’s wise to remember that your choice of divorce lawyers can have a significant impact on the outcome of your particular case.

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When Minor Children Are Involved

As a parent, the one thing you must remember is that the kids should be your primary concern. Yes, you are experiencing pain and suffering, but minor children will often bear the brunt of the stress you are going through. This is especially the case if both parents are claiming custody and unwilling to share. Here is where a family law attorney would be your best option. These attorneys specialize in family law and are well versed in protecting the children. Take, for example, the law team at M. Sue Wilson in the Twin Cities area. They have over 40 years’ experience in family law, so the legal advice from a team like this would be best suited to messy divorces where children can suffer the most. It’s your duty as a parent to protect your children and that’s why an experienced family lawyer should be your first choice!

Can You Feel a Rapport?

It is always suggested that you speak with more than one attorney before making your final choice as to whom you want to represent you. The one thing you want is to be comfortable speaking with your lawyer and if you don’t feel that rapport, this may not be the best person to work with. Remember, your attorney has a fiduciary obligation to look out for your best interests and if you are not feeling understood, how can you be sure they really understand what your best interests are? This is often a heated emotional time in your life, so it’s imperative to be heard and understood. The right lawyer will decipher the meaning behind your words, and if you don’t think this is important, wait until they focus on those things that have no meaning to you and your family!

Working as Part of a Team

There are times when a business is involved or financial holdings are extremely complex. The right divorce lawyer will be willing to work with other lawyers on your team. Perhaps you have business representation and/or property attorneys handling large real estate holdings. A family lawyer best suited to your divorce proceedings will often work with other attorneys with varying specializations. While the ‘average’ divorce may not be this complex, there are those cases where financial matters are so complex that two or more attorneys may need to be contracted.

Above all, remember that divorce is going to be difficult on everyone involved – especially the children. Instead of getting into heated arguments with your soon-to-be-ex, let your lawyer handle the communications for you. This is exactly the type of divorce lawyer you need and believe it or not, you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. Trust your gut.

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