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4 Things You Might Not Know About Facing Criminal Charges

Most of us will go through life without ever facing police charges. However, some of us will. Worse still, an unfortunate few will face them despite being innocent.

Innocent or not, it’s important to understand that there is a chance of being arrested at some stage in your life. Knowing how to deal with this unenviable situation is a must. As with most things, knowledge is power. You should take it upon yourself to understand the procedure and how to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

Here are four things that you’ll hopefully never need to use, but should know nonetheless.

Police Don’t Have To Be Read The Miranda Rights At Arrest

In movies, every arrest is accompanied by the reading of the Miranda rights. Naturally, most people assume this is the natural protocol. However, it’s not necessarily true.


While they can be read aloud at the time of arrest, it isn’t a requirement. The law is that they are read to you while in custody. An arrest is still legal regardless of whether they’re read at the scene or not.

You Don’t Have To Answer Questions

Police interrogation is a daunting process, even if you are innocent. While you might want to cooperate, there’s nothing wrong with refusing to answer questions.

Emotions will be running wild, which could see you mix up your story. Even if you are innocent, this can look very bad. Do not be manipulated into saying the wrong thing as it could come back to haunt you.

As well as the option to decline comment, you should also know your rights as a suspect. Moreover, you are entitled to a community lawyer too.

Paying Bail Is Easier Than Ever

No innocent party deserves to spend time behind bars due to being falsely accused of a crime. Obtaining bail can cost a hefty fee, but a lack of funds shouldn’t stop you from gaining your freedom. If you’re not guilty, it’s the least you deserve.

Bail bonds allow people to pay their bail terms, even if they are struggling for money themselves. This can allow the defendant to start planning their case, giving them a much better chance of proving their innocence.

Being accused of a crime you didn’t commit is scary in itself. Removing the threat of jail time during the waiting process will at least take a huge weight off your shoulders.

You Aren’t Alone

Facing a court battle as the defendant can feel like a lonely time. Even if you’re innocent, there is a chance that some friends and family might not support you. Nonetheless, you don’t have to fight it alone. And the best type of help you can get is professional advice.

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Finding the right lawyer is an essential part of any court case, but is even more important when you’re the defendant. Your life is essentially in their hands, so choosing the best representative to help you get justice is key.

Even with legal help, there will be stressful times ahead. However, their support should make a huge difference.

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