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Understanding Who is Qualified for a Disability Tax Credit for Mental Illness

Suffering from a mental illness is quite a serious issue and one that affects many more Canadians than many people are aware of. These diseases can affect a person’s physical well-being, as well as their ability to have relationships with family members and friends. Believe it or not, one in every five Canadians are going to suffer from some type of mental illness during their life. While there are a number of forms of mental illnesses that are much less obvious to outside observers and for a number of people, mental illness can be quite a debilitating issue that can keep people from being able to live a full life.

There are a number of ways that a mental illness can affect a person’s life, making typical, daily tasks virtually impossible. This is why the Disability Tax Credit in Canada for mental illness is essential to ensure that any Canadian suffering from any type of mental illness can receive the help and assistance they need.

Now the question you likely have is how do you know who qualifies for disability tax credit? This is a good question and one that needs to be addressed.

Any Canadian who is suffering from one of the conditions that is highlighted here may be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit designed for individuals with a mental illness. This list is made up of, but certainly not limited to the following:

  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • All varieties of eating disorders
  • Anxiety

Please keep in mind, this list is far from comprehensive; however, these are the most common issues that are seen when applying for this aid.

It is important to be diagnosed with the condition by a medical doctor in order to qualify. Failure to receive this official diagnosis will likely result in the aid being denied for the person in question.

Mental illnesses are not just issues that affect the individual. They also affect the person’s family and friends and impact the community. With this aid they can receive the help and treatment necessary to help and ensure they do not continue suffering from the disorder.

For more information about what mental illnesses qualify for this aid, visit the True North Disability Services website. Here research can be done on what the aid can help with and why it is so important. Those who suffer from a mental illness do not have to do so alone –there is quite a bit of help available for them.

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