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5 Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

Whether a loved one has been injured or killed in a workplace accident or a vehicle collision, there is a good chance that you can seek damages from the employer or the driver of the vehicle at fault. Hiring a wrongful death attorney will allow those people suffering from daily injustices to wade through the complicated legal waters to seek adequate compensation. A wrongful death attorney is needed in a slew of different cases – from medical malpractice suits to accidental falls on city or government property. Anytime a death or injury could have been prevented – there are most likely damages you can claim from the perpetrator. Here are five benefits of hiring a wrongful death attorney.

  1. Insurance claims. Not only is the perpetuator at fault, but you may also be able to seek compensation and damages from the insurance company. If there is an insurance claim, you could stand to cash in on that policy. However, many insurance companies have a complicated legal procedure that they utilize to get out of making payments. A wrongful death attorney, however, is experienced with pressing insurance companies to hand over compensation.
  2. Maximum damages. A wrongful death attorney also knows how to get the most for a certain client. An attorney – with experience in wrongful deaths and injuries – has had experience claiming the highest amount possible in certain suits. If you are the loved one of a person who passed in a workplace injury, your family could see millions in damages and compensation. However, you will need a lawyer with experience to help you see these damages. Oftentimes, wrongful death attorneys use the law to your advantage. If the person who passed, or who has been critically injured, was a breadwinner, you could be entitled to more than you think.
  3. Proper valuation. An experienced wrongful death practice, like Reiner & Slaughter Law Offices, has lawyers, paralegals and assistants that work around the clock to find out what you are owed. In the instance of a wrongful death, you may be owed damages – but the damages may be worth much more if the injury or death was particularly negligent. If your family member was injured or killed on city property – if they fell on a poor paved sidewalk – you may be owed a large sum of money.
  4. Navigation of court cases. Filing a wrongful death suit is one thing, but actually taking the suit to court is another thing altogether. Many wrongful death suits get filed, but they do not go all the way to court – in front of a judge. A wrongful death attorney, however, can not only take the case to court, but will stand besides you during the proceedings.
  5. Support. Having legal counsel in the instance of a wrongful death suit is a little bit like having a support network. If you have lost someone as the result of a wrongful death or injury, it can take a toll on you emotionally, which can make it hard to stand a tough trial. At the end of a day, having a wrongful death attorney by your side can be quite reassuring.

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