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5 Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

 Are you or your loved one undertaking immigration procedures in Canada? Whether you are seeking to get a work permit, study permit or temporary residence, there are many important reasons why you should hire an immigration lawyer. In a research conducted by, there were more than 250,000 immigrants to Canada in 2017. The Canadian immigration process can be long and tedious, however if you get in touch with Szekely Law - Edmonton Lawyer, your journey will be much easier. Here are 5 fantastic benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer:

  1. Low chances of rejection

Many times, immigration application documents are rejected due to errors or mistakes made when filling in the paperwork. With all the documentation and procedures needed to apply for Canadian immigration, it can be quite difficult to know exactly what to fill in each form. Luckily, your immigration lawyer will be able to ensure zero errors in your application thereby increasing your chances of success. So, don’t struggle alone, simply get in touch with Szekely Law today for the best services at affordable prices.

  1. Legal knowledge

Immigration laws are often very dynamic and the specific procedures and requirements could change with no prior notice. This means that just because your relative successfully processed their immigration last year using a certain procedure, this doesn’t mean that you will have an identical experience. Thus, it is very helpful to have an experienced immigration lawyer who will inform you on the current guidelines concerning immigration. This will help you to follow the right process in your journey to meeting your goals.

  1. Faster processing time

Many applicants take a very long time to process their immigration due to countless rejections arising from avoidable mistakes. Unfortunately, if you fail to meet the requirements during the application process, you might be required to start the entire process all over again. This will only waste more time and resources. So, if you would like to complete the immigration process as fast as possible, be sure to hire an immigrant lawyer today.

  1. Helps you to make an informed decision

Most people are unaware of the different types of options available when it comes to immigration. Perhaps you have done some basic research on the various kinds of visas that you can qualify for, however if you want to get an in-depth analysis of what each visa entails, then you need to hire a professional immigration lawyer. Since they are more experience in matters pertaining to immigration, your lawyer will be able to explain to you all the available options in an easy-to-understand manner thereby helping you to make an informed decision. Do you have any questions or concerns? Well, your lawyer will be able to address them in a clear and concise manner.

  1. They can offer legal advice in future

So, you’ve successfully managed to gain legal access into Canada. Congratulations! But what happens if one day you’re arrested at work by the immigration police? Who do you call? Luckily, your immigration lawyer can serve as a useful contact to have even after you gain residency. They will be able to offer credible legal advice incase you get into any trouble with the authorities during your stay in Canada.

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