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6 Qualities the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys Have

When facing criminal charges, finding the best criminal defense attorney is critical. Dealing with criminal charges is a serious matter and engaging the services of the wrong or inexperienced attorney can put you in jeopardy. Choosing the right lawyer should, therefore, not be taken for granted. The following guide will help you know what qualities to consider when choosing a criminal defense attorney.

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Communication Skills

The best criminal defense lawyers are great communicators who speak clearly and confidently. Your lawyer should be able to discuss the case with you, explain any legal jargon clearly, and offer legal advice honestly and clearly. Additionally, they should be a good listener. This way, they can listen and understand any questions or concerns you may have and address them satisfactorily. Good communication fosters a great client-lawyer relationship that can help make things easier.

Research Skills

The information and legal maneuvers that will be used to defend you are often difficult to put together. Your lawyer should have the research skills necessary to find the information and maneuvers that can help your case. Once they have both of these, they should also be able to use them to your advantage.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Lawyers have different specializations. When choosing a criminal defense attorney, you need one who specializes in criminal law. Lawyers who specialize in criminal law are familiar with all the laws that are in play in your case and will therefore be able to navigate the case in a way that ensures the best outcome.

Additionally, you should choose an attorney who has enough experience handling criminal defense cases, preferably those similar to yours. Law firms like Edelsen Law that have attorneys who specialize in criminal defense and have enough experience are the ideal choice.

Putting Clients First

The best criminal defense lawyers put their clients first and work tirelessly to ensure they see the best outcomes in their cases. They will defend your rights and are dedicated and available to you day and night. The best attorneys also have different communication channels - calls, meetings, email, etc. - that make it easier to get in touch as well as find out anything you need about your case and its progress.


Everything that you say to your lawyer should be held in strict confidentiality. This includes any information you give them about you or anyone else as well as the particulars of what made you end up needing a criminal defense lawyer. If this information is not kept confidential, it could ruin the case or lead to a compromise of the privacy of the people involved in the case.

Good Negotiator

A lot of cases are settled outside the courts, with attorneys making deals on behalf of their clients. If this is something you are interested in, you need a lawyer who is a great negotiator. They should be able to persuade the court to enter into negotiations as well as get you the best deal once the negotiations conclude.

When looking for a criminal defense lawyer to represent you, you should consider if they have the qualities required to get you the best outcome. Keeping the above points in mind should help you get started.

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