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Can You Successfully Fight a DUI Charge?

You more than likely never intended to get the driving under the influence (DUI) charge in the first place.

That said the charge is hanging over you like a big cloud at this point. As such, it can impact not only your professional life, but also your personal one.

When you’re dealing with a DUI charge, don’t waste time to get a good DUI attorney.

Doing so allows you to put up a stand against what could be a very damaging conviction if it goes through.

How to Get Your Legal Case Going

To best start your legal defense, you first must get the right legal counsel behind you.

Among some of the attributes you should be looking for in an attorney:

  • Experience – Although this sounds like a no-brainier, don’t overlook the experience factor. While there are great young legal minds out there, years’ of experience can be the difference. Review bios and ask around before selecting the right attorney.
  • Communication – It is important that your legal pro keeps you in the loop with how your case is proceeding. While you are likely hoping for a short legal procedure, some cases drag on. If in the latter category, you want to be sure your attorney is updating you on how things are going.
  • Results – Last, would you ever go out and request an attorney who has little to no positive results? Given the answer is likely no, be sure to find someone who gets the job done.

Presenting Evidence to Back Your Version of Events

When pulled over and charged with DUI, don’t brush it off as not being a big deal.

Along with the professional implications, there are of course the personal ramifications.

You can not only lose your driver’s license, but also be looking at a serious fine and even jail time.

In fighting your case, present these reasons the DUI could in fact be questionable:

  • Testing – Did law enforcement handle the arrest the right way? If given a breathalyzer test, was everything in working order? In the event you had blood drawn, are you sure your blood did not get mixed up with someone else when tested? Any questions of concern on police handling of the matter could work to your advantage.
  • Medical – Did you have a medical episode and it mimicked you being under the influence of alcohol? If so, that defense if proven could get the charges removed. One thing to steer clear of is trying to say a glass of alcohol conflicted with your prescription meds. You should know by now that combining alcohol and prescription meds is not a good thing.
  • History – For the officer involved anything to suggest they have planted evidence before? Have they gotten accusations of mishandling cases over time?

Given how serious a DUI allegation and charge are, don’t take it in a light manner.

When it comes to impaired driving, you want to make sure that you fight that charge as far as you can.

So, will your legal fight end up being a successful one?

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