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Cream of the Crop: 3 Characteristics the Best Car Accident Lawyers Have in Common

It seems whatever corner someone turns to, they can find lawyers who are willing to represent them. Car accidents happen in America all the time which makes the demand for car accident lawyers quite high. The result of that is the supply of car accidents lawyers is also quite high.

Hiring the right lawyer can become difficult when there are so many options. Luckily, good lawyers will always possess certain qualities because those qualities are necessary to perform attorney duties. These signs will not be hard to find because good lawyers will proudly display their qualities for anyone to see. Everyone can find good legal representation for themselves and their family.

Success Rate

Since car accidents happen all the time, a personal injury lawyer will definitely be able to build up a repertoire of car accident cases. The National Highway Traffic Administration keeps track of car accidents that happen in America and has published numerous case studies. Their latest research on 2017 showed there were 37,133 people killed in a car accident. That is around fourteen people a minute.

Now, people use car accident lawyers even when there are no fatalities. This means personal injury lawyers have a lot of options for clients. Even if the lawyer takes on harder cases, they must also be loaded with cases that are simple and easy to settle on. It is not normal for a personal injury lawyer to have a low success rate.

However, some personal injury lawyers see any settlement as a success. If they give that as an answer, that is a sign that they might use their low settlement cases in their quota for success. Most people involved in car accidents are looking for the highest settlement they can get. No one wants to get a low settlement after a car accident.

Commercial Awareness

Many law firms search for candidates who are active because they believe a candidate has to be commercially aware. Commercial awareness means that the personal injury lawyer involves himself or herself with the client’s business and position in life so they understand it.

As a client, one will want their lawyer to understand these details because it helps the lawyer strategize around the client’s strengths and weaknesses. If a client finds their personal injury lawyer does not understand their business in being in the accident, they should feel that their lawyer will not be able to fully exploit all the strategies that could be available.


The best car accident lawyers are those who can listen to you whenever you need them. A personal injury lawyer should be able to answer questions about the case until it is completed. That way they can be sure they are not missing out on anything. Any client will start to feel uncomfortable if they forget something or if their lawyers were unreachable. Many people think that this is a basic quality all lawyers have but this is actually where a lot of lawyers can drop the ball. Having good availability is not easy and a lawyer must have created a very good support staff and infrastructure around them for this to happen.

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Everyone is going to appreciate different lawyers. Some people might appreciate honesty while others may like their lawyers to have great customer service. Whatever you appreciate, the most important quality is to get a settlement that satisfies you or protects you. Focus on this first and treat the other qualities as treats or add-ons.

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