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Some Reasons why Lawyers May Not Take a Personal Injury Case

Sometimes, people may find it difficult to get a personal injury lawyer who is willing to take up their case. This is one question many ask when the professional approach law firms. Sometimes, the lawyers may not even give proper explanations too as to why they are not taking a case. Instead, they may be simply turned down the inquiry by saying that they are too busy or that we cannot help you with it. So, what are those reasons lawyers don't tell as to why they are not taking your personal injury case? Let's explore.

Why don't the lawyers tell you the reason to turn down your case?

It has to be noted that personal injury lawyers of various types have different standards as to what levels and nature of cases they handle. Some of the personal injury lawyers don't have resources or time to spend on low-value claims. Some may not have confidence in the particular case of your nature, and they may say no as such lawyer mostly work on a contingency basis.

So, at the first point, if a lawyer rejects your case, it doesn’t mean that no one else would take it up. It has to be considered that no legal professional want to tell someone that I am incompetent to handle it or I won’t take it as the compensation I may get is fairly low. They also don’t tell bluntly that this is a bad case. So, it is much safer at their end to a basic non-committal response to the inquirers to look for someone else. Here are some such reasons pointed out by expert personal injury attorneys on why personal injury lawyers may not take your case.

They tend to weigh the risks vs. rewards

As we said before, these lawyers used to get a contingency fee than a consulting fee. So, most of the times, they invest their money, and if they lose ultimately, they lose their money. So, before deciding to commit for a case, they run a feasibility check to calculate the anticipated time, cost involved, chances of winning it, and also the maximum claim amount to win. If they find that these risks outweigh the ultimate benefits, they may instantly reject it.


Liability is another big consideration lawyers make while accepting a personal injury case. If they find the liability isn't reasonably clear, then there are only lesser chances for a settlement, and this will put the lawyers into more trouble. With the anticipated costs becoming higher in cases like you getting rear-ended by a vehicle after it getting hydroplaned on water. In this, the driver of the other vehicle may not be deemed negligent and so, not liable. Get a Richmond VA personal injury attorney today for more information.

The complexity of your case

The more complex they find the issues involved in a personal injury lawsuit, the lesser chances that a lawyer may commit for it. For example, if the case may need many expert witnesses and also party depositions, it will surely consume a lot of money, effort, and time to accomplish. Other complex cases like medical malpractice or an industrial explosion may also run in a complicated manner, which makes the lawyers stay from such cases.

However, if you find your case more complicated and the individual lawyers are hesitant to take it up, you may approach a good professional law firm who may be having the expertise and resources to handle such cases.

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