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Did a personal injury lawyer decline your case? Know why

Did your relative get injured in a road accident due to the other driver's fault? Did you have to suffer from health disorders due to a loophole in the doctor's diagnosis? Did your child have to suffer because of consuming defective baby care product? If the answer to all the questions is ‘yes,' then it is a legal case of personal injury. A personal injury lawyer offers legal and related services to the individuals injured physically or mentally. Injuries can be due to motor accidents, medical malpractices, slip and fall accidents, defective products or professional malpractices.

There is no specific guideline as to when to hire a personal injury lawyer. But in cases of car accidents, it is recommended to hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as one can. A lawyer can legally represent you and guide you through all the legal and related formalities. In most of the cases, the lawyers don’t charge any fees in case they cannot recover any money.  Hence, irrespective of how big or small the injury is, do not tread this legal path without a legal counsel. Bronx personal injury lawyer with their experience and expertise can help clients sail through the complicated legal processes.

Things that lawyers consider

There are certain factors that the lawyer also considers before taking up a personal injury case. The first question is how the accident happened? It is not sufficient that the injury occurred. It is crucial for the victim to prove that the other person was at fault or that his mistake was more than 51%. That can directly impact the victim’s monetary reward.

The second question would be how serious the case is? Your monetary reward decides the lawyer's remuneration. The minimal the injury, the lesser is the remuneration for the lawyer. No speculative damages can convince a lawyer to take up the case. Also, there are additional expenses that need to be incurred to build up a case that has to be considered by the lawyer. The costs and expected compensation are something that the lawyer compares before accepting a case.

Next question arises - if other law firms have dropped you? Here, it is imperative for the victims to choose the attorney on the basis of expertise and experience. If other attorneys have rejected you, it indicates that either the victim has difficulty with them or that there is some problem in the case itself. Also, one must be wary of attorneys placing a value on the case, as unless all the facts are known and established, estimating value is not possible.

The fourth question that arises is whether the case is leading the attorney to morally or ethically conflicting circumstances? In such cases, the attorney might end up losing their license.

Next, the amount of time required and experience of the attorney also matters. If they are not sufficiently compensated for the time they invest in monetary terms, then they might reject a case. Also, if the attorney feels that he/she doesn't have the necessary experience to handle the case, then being fair, he/she might drop your case.

Consider these factors before you rush to a personal injury attorney!

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