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What you should know about Reid Collins & Tsai LLP

Reid Collins & Tsai LLP is a legal firm that provides services locally, nationally and internationally. The RCT area of practice includes complicated commercial litigation, which is inclusive of Ponzi scheme cases, financial fraud matters, insolvency litigation, cross-border litigation, intellectual property disputes, business torts and professional malpractice. Reid Collins & Tsai LLP has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and additional office locations in Dallas, Texas, Washington, District of Colombia, and New York City.

Here is more about Reid Collins & Tsai LLP;

  • Reid Collins & Tsai LLP was established in Austin Texas in November 2009 by nine attorneys that were previously working for the U.S. Department of Justice, Diamond McCarthy, and Latham & Watkins. The founding partners of this law firm are P. Jason Collins, Lisa S. Tsai, and William T. Reid, IV. Today, Reid Collins & Tsai LLP has 18 partners and 29 lawyers working on different legal cases.
  • In 2015, the Texas Lawyer named the Reid Collins & Tsai LLP as the Litigation Department of the Year Finalist. In 2016, the law firm was among the 10 law businesses that were shortlisted to the 2016 National Law Journal Litigation Boutiques Hot List. This law firm has an excellent reputation in the industry given the numerous awards and recognition that it has received.
  • Reid Collins & Tsai LLP lawyers usually represent bankruptcy trustees in all the States in the USA and also offshore liquidators from around the globe. The firm investigates and prosecutes claims filed against directors, officers, financial institutions, and third-party professionals arising from big insolvencies. The Reid Collins Tsai (RCT) law firm also provides legal services to trustees, international banks, foreign governments, companies, and individuals from the United States and abroad in state and federal courts across the country.

RCT successfully represents investment managers, state pension funds, hedge funds, and other types of investors that have been victims of substantial financial frauds. Lawyers will bring claims against top-tier law firms, global investment banks, and other liable third parties. The law firm also helps whistleblowers to fill out qui tam actions in order to expose corporate wrongdoing or malfeasance, and this has brought about some of the most notable interventions by the state. Additionally, RCT provides legal representation to technology companies and individuals whose intellectual property rights have been interfered with under law or by contract.

Reid Collins & Tsai LLP is unique in several aspects including its extensive experience and skills in handling high-profile legal cases that involve insolvency and large-scale financial fraud. Additionally, the company has expertise in effectively handling claims against accountants, directors, officers, lawyers and even investment banks associated with misconduct or underlying fraud. Another aspect that makes this law firm unique is its readiness to pursue all these legal claims on an alternative fee basis.

Irrespective of the type of legal case or the side of the docket that you are in, Reid Collins & Tsai LLP will work with you to come up with a fee arrangement that will make sense for both parties. The company lawyers work hand in hand with their clients to create sensible and fair fee arrangements that are tailored to specific circumstances and facts of every case. The firm’s fee arrangements involve discounted hourly fees, contingency fees, flat fees, or a combination of all these options. If you are looking for a reputable legal firm that has a track record of success, then you should consider Reid Collins and Tsai LLP.

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