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DUI Attorney- All that You Need to Know

The moment one is charged against DUI, it is extremely crucial to get in touch with a DUI lawyer. It will to help them fight the charge and also handle the court proceedings. Though today such attorneys are easily found and in plenty, but it is vital to hire an attorney that can cater to one’s needs perfectly.

Pointers to Consider

Below are some pointers that one needs to consider while employing the services of a DUI attorney. Take a look,

  • First and foremost, one should create a list of some of the best attorneys. Sources such as telephone book, internet ads and newspapers can help to make this list. Besides one can also check with their Bar Association of their respective state to get the list of the leading DUI lawyers.
  • References too can help a great deal. Though discussing one's predicament with others can at times be embarrassing, but they are likely to receive good referrals from people that had a positive experience during the past.
  • If you have worked with any other lawyer for any legal matters, they too can assist you in finding the best DUI lawyer. No matter where the names come from, it is vital in consulting with a few before hiring the best one.
  • Before employing the services of a DUI lawyer, it is vital to meet with some for discussing the case openly. One should ask the lawyer about the total number of DUI cases that they have handled so far, inquire about their fees and most importantly whether they are board certified in the law that is related to DUI.
  • One should hire a DUI lawyer with whom they can have a good rapport as this way they can discuss the case confidently. Also, it is equally vital to hire a lawyer who can get the task done right.
  • Most importantly one must be beware of DUI lawyers that provide rock bottom costs or give promises regarding their cases' outcome. Nobody will be able to predict as to how their DUI case may turn out, so it is irresponsible of the attorney on saying anything otherwise.
  • After deciding whom to hire, one will require in signing a contract. So one needs to ensure that they read it thoroughly before signing it. That will throw light on the fees of the attorney yet one need to ensure that it has everything as well as clear all their doubts by asking him end number of questions.

Assist to Win DUI Cases

Driving under intoxication is a big crime that carries serious penalties. It may impact one’s daily life and also their chance for employment in the future. One may lose his license and fail to travel to office daily or get incarcerated and fail in keeping touch with family members. It can become a reality should one be charged with DUI mainly if this is not their initial conviction. With a good DUI lawyer by their side, they can defend themselves against such criminal charges successfully to return to their regular living. Though they cannot guarantee whether one will win the case but joining hands with them will work wonders in beating the DUI charges as well as resuming back to normal life.


The first consultation with their new lawyer will be a crucial meeting. During this time they will sign their agreement and also outline the payment terms along with other representation conditions and hire the lawyer officially for representing them as they face the DUI charges. The lawyer will ask the client a series of questions related to the case and also explain in details the manner in which DUI cases generally proceeds. DUI cases are of two types. The first rests on real physical impairment. Here the prosecutor will depend on the witness testimony regarding one's impairment which will include the appearance of their eyes, the inability of completing the field sobriety tests, the smell of alcohol on their breath or clothing and slurred speech.

The next is called per se case. Here the case rests on chemical testing. It will not take into consideration whether one was too impaired to drive the car or not. If their concentration level of blood alcohol is above 0.08% which is the legal limit, they can get convicted of DUI. As DUI cases are of two forms, one requires a DUI lawyer for working with them in preparing their defense. DUI lawyers that are highly qualified and skilled will know best means of presenting their client’s defense resting on the nature of their charge.

Court Representation

At the time of one's criminal trial, their DUI lawyer will defend them from DUI charges. A skilled lawyer has better access when it comes to expert witnesses. He or she may get a professional too for testifying on their behalf. Often the lawyers use experts in such cases for proving  - that the results of the chemical testing were not reliable or correct procedures have not been carried out for testing the chemical while one was arrested and convicted of DUI. Having a DUI lawyer by one's side at this time is of prime significance.

Administrative Representation

One should hire a lawyer to aid them in trying in get their driving privileges reinstated when they get caught for DUI. Not having the privileges to driving can cause one to lose their job or miss out on essential family obligations. So it is best to hire a lawyer that will represent one right from the case's commencement. An experienced and certified lawyer will speak on behalf of the accused and aid them in applying for the hardship permit temporarily. It is this permit that will enable them to get to and from work as well as to dental appointments, medical appointments, and other crucial locations.

Never underestimate the significance of hiring a DUI lawyer in case one gets charged with DUI. To hire someone adept in this field will help in creating all the difference.

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