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How a Criminal Lawyer Can Help with Your Criminal Offence

If you are facing criminal charges, preparation is crucial when you want to avoid expensive fines, a criminal record or worse yet, prison time. And preparation is something that criminal lawyers in Sydney specialise in. To put it succinctly, a criminal lawyer is your ticket to freedom.

Your lawyer can represent you in court, help create a defence strategy for your case, object against the opposition's cases and more. In addition to carrying out their duties, your criminal lawyers will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the help you need during this immensely stressful period.

Things Your Criminal Lawyer Can Do On Your Behalf

A criminal lawyer specialises in the area of criminal law and can help you get the best possible result by offering legal advice as well as representation. During the proceedings of the investigation, your criminal lawyer in Sydney can help you with several legal issues including:

  • Making sure you are not arrested illegally or for unjustified causes
  • Applying for bail
  • Providing advice regarding the legal options you have
  • Forensically assessing your cases and evidence available
  • Build a case strategy
  • Analysing whether any legal defences are available
  • Investigate the case thoroughly
  • Interview the witnesses
  • Draft, file and argue appeals and motions including motions to dismiss and motions to suppress
  • Research statutes, crime codes, case law and procedural law
  • Making a suitable plea of guilty or not guilty
  • Appealing on your behalf
  • Representing on your behalf in the court
  • Negotiating facts and charges with the prosecution
  • Negotiating plea bargain

If you decide to plead guilty, your criminal lawyers in Sydney can help you get the best possible result by negotiating with the prosecutors on your behalf to either reduce the number of charges levied against you or the seriousness of the charges.

However, if you decide to plead not guilty, the criminal defence lawyers in Sydney can argue on your behalf to show that the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence or that a legal defence applies in your specific case. If the court finds valid any of these arguments, you will be found not guilty.

Types of Criminal Charges Your Criminal Lawyers in Sydney Can Help You With

Your criminal lawyer in Sydney can help you with all types of criminal matters. Here are some of the things your criminal lawyer can help you with:

Drink Driving

A criminal defence lawyer in Sydney can help you with drug driving, drink driving, negligent driving or appealing a licence suspension. 

When it comes to drink driving offences, New South Wales has five different categories: novice range, special range, low range, mid range and high range. The penalty and suspension period varies for each category. If you have also been convicted of other major offence in the previous five years, the penalty may even be increased.

If you have a legal defence or disagree with the reading, you can plead not guilty. In the absence of any defence, you can plead guilty and apply for non-conviction order, in which case no conviction is recorded and no penalty is issued. Your Sydney criminal lawyer can provide legal advice in either scenario and can help you create a legal defence.

Traffic Offences

If you have been charged for negligent driving, dangerous driving, reckless driving, speeding, RMS license suspension or traffic infringement, you need the help of professional criminal lawyers in Sydney.

A driver's license is very important and a traffic offence can lead to the suspension of your licence. This can be an extremely worrisome situation as it can even result in the loss of employment, access to family and even access to medical attention among other things.

Although not all traffic offences lead to the loss of your license, sometimes you may be charged with a criminal conviction or even incarceration if the offence is serious. Be sure to work with experienced criminal lawyers in Sydney who can help avoid automatic license suspensions, driver disqualification or even a criminal record.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Sydney

  • Criminal lawyers in Sydney can represent you in court and help you avoid imprisonment.
  • With an expert lawyer by your side, you can be sure that you are getting the representation you need whilst minimising your exposure to risk.
  • A lawyer can save you from the unnecessary stress and worry of a criminal charge or investigation.
  • A criminal lawyer knows what it takes to present your case and evidence correctly, saving you from incrimination.

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