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How Can Help You With US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Are you facing an immigration problem?

The good news is that can readily assist you with anything concerning the immigration realm.

Founded in 2008, Jim Hacking launched the law firm to provide individuals with all the immigration help they need.

In fact, here's what Hacking Law Practice LLC can do for you:

Citizenship Services for Immigrants

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service follows many complicated regulations. Even if you're a lawful permanent resident, you still need to go through hoops to become a full-fledged citizen.

That's where Hacking Law Practice comes into play.

Jim and his St. Louis Immigration attorneys can help you with the naturalization process.

For example, if you're married to a US citizen, you can become a citizen after three years of residency.

In most cases, however, a five-year residency is required for citizenship.

No matter what situation you're in, Jim can assist you with:

  • Submitting the needed application forms
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Attending the swearing ceremony

Family-Based Visas

Like most immigrants, you may want to bring your family over.

Since this can be a complicated and lengthy process, you need all the help you can get from Hacking Law Practice LLC.

Jim can discuss the preference system, so that you know:

  • Which residents/citizens may sponsor their families. If you're a permanent resident, you may only sponsor your spouse or child.
  • Which relatives can be petitioned. The closer the ties are, the faster you can get them.
  • The processing wait times. For example, adult siblings of a US citizen may need to wait as long as 12 years to get a visa.

Apart from walking you through the process, Jim can assist you with filing an immigrant petition. He can also help provide the necessary documentation to the National Visa Center.

Assistance with Processing Delays

Hacking Law Practice LLC has often heard complaints from immigrants based in Missouri. Some have been waiting for more than the prescribed three or five years to be citizens.

Worse, some have been waiting for a decade or more!

In most cases, their petitions or visas were unable to push through because of the following:

  • Lack of an informed decision when it has been 120 days since the interview
  • Refusal on the USCIS Missouri office's part to schedule an interview

Like many other lawyers, Jim understands the pain of waiting. In fact, he's helped bring excellent customer experiences by suing the federal district court.

Like any other agency, the USCIS doesn't like getting sued. When they get served, they get compelled to take action.

Once Jim has sued the course, the USCIS has no choice but to file a response within 60 days. In his experience, the processing gets faster as the bureau approaches the deadline.

Asylum Assistance

Asylum is a process that allows persecuted people to stay in the US.

Following St. Louis area law, this persecution should be based on any of the following:

  • Nationality
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Group membership
  • Political opinion

Although you may meet these requirements, you won't be awarded asylum automatically. It's a discretionary relief, so the Department of Homeland Services can either grant or reject your request.

To make things worse, the process can get quite complicated—not to mention lengthy.

That's why if you're dealing with an asylum issue, you should contact a reputable St. Louis Immigration lawyer.

Jim and his staff can help you seek offensive asylum, which would allow you to stay in the US. He can also help with deportation defense so the government won't send you back to your home country.

Assistance for Employers

Given the competitive market, US companies need to recruit the best talent possible. That often means hiring employees from outside the US.

If you're looking to recruit from other countries, Hacking Law Practice can assist you with the following visas:

  • H1B visas for professional employees with a Bachelor's degree or higher
  • E visas for foreign investors
  • L visas for transfers within companies
  • R visas for religious service employers

With Jim's assistance, many Missouri companies have been able to get their employees in a timelier manner.

The People Behind Hacking Law

The firm can help you with every legal issue because it has the best immigration lawyers in Missouri.

First and foremost, there's attorney James “Jim” Hacking. A graduate of the St. Louis University School of Law, he was named the Riverfront Times' best lawyer in 2009 and 2013.

There's also Andrew “Andy” Bloomberg, formerly an intern of Hacking Law Practice LLC and the Memphis Immigration court. The Washington University graduate, who spent time in South Africa, is well-versed with refugee rulings.

As you see, Hacking Law is the best firm to help you deal with the intricacies of immigration law.

So what are you waiting for? Visit their website at and sign up for their services today.

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