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What Do Intake Call Centers Do For Law Firms?

Law firms today are competing for more and better clients. With so many players in the game, how do you stand out from the crowd? One way to do that is by having an intake call center.

Call centers that specialize in legal intake services can be a great asset for law firms because it helps demonstrate their commitment to clients and other potential clients. It also offers them the chance to get in front of more people than they might have otherwise reached, which can help with expanding business opportunities. They offer multiple benefits to law firms. At a glimpse, this is what these centers do for law firms.

Intake Call Centers Provide A First Line Of Defense For Law Firms

Callers often ask for the name of an attorney, request a callback or try to schedule an appointment. Intake personnel have to be prepared for all these requests.

Sometimes callers are rude or angry. The agents have to be able to respond professionally and calmly at all times, even when called names. They may have to ask callers not to use profanity or threats. When a caller is threatening to take legal action, these agents have to listen carefully and take down detailed information for follow-ups.

They Also Manage Communication With Clients, Gathering Information And Keeping Track Of Case Progress

They also have to be able to take accurate messages, determine whether a caller has an attorney and politely ask callers to leave messages in a way that will ensure they are returned.

Intake call centers are the first point of contact that potential clients have with a law firm, besides online search engines. As such, the employees at these centers answer incoming calls that come through the main line of the firm. Their job is to get information about potential clients and to direct them appropriately, either by scheduling appointments or referring them to other departments.

Legal Intake Call Centers Are An Increasingly Popular Resource For Law Firms

They can be a valuable resource for law firms, helping to improve efficiency and client satisfaction. Law firms need to find ways to stand out from competitors, and these centers can help demonstrate their commitment to client satisfaction. If you're a lawyer, having such a call center is one way to demonstrate your commitment to clients.

Intake Call Centers Can Help Manage Client Expectations

Establishing these types of centers can help manage client expectations and control the number of questions clients ask intake attorneys.

The intake attorney can review the call, provide initial advice and answer basic questions, while directing more complicated queries to the appropriate partner or associate. This process ensures that the client's concerns are addressed in a timely manner in an efficient manner, so that there is better service for your clients in the long run.

They Can Handle Overflow Calls And Reduce Stress On Lawyers

The agents here take the majority of an intake process off a lawyer's shoulders and gives that responsibility to a group of people specialized in these processes. This eliminates the overwhelming amount of phone calls that lawyers receive daily. Overflow calls can be directed to an intake call center so there is no need for lawyers to handle overflow calls which can sometimes be frustrating.


A legal intake call center is great at finding the best clients for you by taking your criteria and researching to find prospective candidates, while also screening out potential cases that are not a good fit for your firm, based on the basics you provide. They can also help demonstrate a law firm's commitment to clients and aid in managing client expectations. So, if you want to focus on the most important cases for your firm, it is essential and very beneficial to use these types of call centers.

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