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How to Get Help in Business Law

If you have a legal problem but don't have the time to spend a lot of money, get help in business law.This field focuses on transactions, so it's the perfect choice for lawyers who dislike being in high-pressure courtroom situations. Business law lawyers can have a full practice without ever having to appear in court. However, to be successful in this field, you must have excellent attention to detail.

Legal aid organizations

Legal aid organizations work to help lower-income people obtain justice. They do this by providing financial support to independent nonprofit legal aid organizations in every state and the District of Columbia. These organizations must meet strict criteria governing advocacy and client eligibility. NLADA played an important role in the creation of the LSC in 1974 and continues to lobby Congress for continued funding.

Whether a small business needs legal representation for a lease, contract, lease, or other issues, legal aid can help. In addition to helping individuals with business-related problems, legal aid can help entrepreneurs form the proper business structure. This is important because the right structure can affect a business's liability, tax obligations, and operational costs. Identifying the right legal structure is crucial in helping entrepreneurs avoid costly disputes.

Free legal assistance

Many business owners face a variety of legal issues, including preserving their intellectual property and warding off lawsuits. Fortunately, there are many free resources for small business owners to use. These resources can help you understand the legal landscape and answer specific questions. However, if you have a larger business, it might be best to hire a legal professional.

A number of government websites offer free legal advice on a variety of issues, including business law. You can also visit the Small Business Administration's website for a range of legal resources. There, you can find information on obtaining a business license and state and federal tax filing.

Online law library

The University of Washington Tacoma's online law library offers a range of business law resources. The library's online databases, e-journals, and e-books are open to UW students and faculty, as well as the public. You can access these resources via proxy service or through Husky OnNet.

LexisNexis Academic Law Index covers over 800 legal publications, including academic law journals, bar journals, and legal newspapers. It searches citations and subject headings to find legal articles and cases on a range of subjects. The database also has links to the Stanford Searchworks catalog, which lists books on various subjects.

Bloomberg BNA's database features secondary and primary legal content, company profiles, market information, and news. It also offers access to federal dockets and workflow tools. Gale also features industry and company profiles, while EBSCO provides a wealth of information on the world's biggest companies. These databases also offer a vast array of economic journals and business publications. Passwords for these databases are available at the reference desk of your library.

Lawyers at law schools

A program in business law at a law school can help students understand the various roles of lawyers in the business world. While most business attorneys focus on litigation, some specialize in transactional work that minimizes risk and achieves business goals. For example, the ABA Transactional Law Institute focuses on business law and entrepreneurship. Students interested in this area of the law can take courses in corporate law or securities regulation, and take on internships at companies that need help in the business world.

Another area of business law that law students may pursue is bankruptcy. The study of bankruptcy law deals with the relationship between debtors and creditors in times of financial distress. Students will learn about the bankruptcy process, including the discharge of debts, and explore business reorganizations under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Business litigation is also covered, which may include international arbitration. If students are interested in practicing business litigation, they should consider taking classes such as Evidence in the first year. Other courses that will help them practice in this area of law include Business Associations, Federal Income Taxation, Deposition Skills, and Trial Advocacy (Intensive or Comprehensive).

Free legal advice for small businesses

Small businesses can find free legal advice and representation from local chambers of commerce. These organizations have panels of attorneys that can answer questions and provide legal advice. Some also offer discounts on business products, business training for employees, and mentorship programs for entrepreneurs. You can find your local chamber through the small business development center in your area.

Free legal consultations offered by some law firms are limited to brief questions and answers. Free consultations may not be individualized, so it is important to seek professional legal counsel for any specific problem. You can also seek help from law school students who offer low-cost legal advice. However, these lawyers cannot offer free legal advice without the supervision of a licensed attorney.

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