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How to Prove You Are Disabled and Win Disability Benefits

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We always hear stories in the news about those who abuse the disability system. But the truth of the matter is that cases of abuse or fraud are very rare, because the system makes it extremely challenging for individuals to prove they qualify for something such as SSD benefits. The Social Security Disability program does pay out, but only if you can prove you are someone who deserves the benefits. And for some, it means hiring Arizona SSD benefits lawyers in order to get a better understanding of what they have to prove, and what forms they need to fill out.

Impairment Listing Manual

The first question that is usually asked is whether or not you earn money right now. If you are not working, it probably means you are not earning money, which brings you along to the next question. You are asked whether you have some type of severe impairment, which must match up with at least one impairment in the list they provide. All the major impairments are included, but there are some cases where a potential recipient may have a condition that is not included in the list.

Other Ways

Even though the list includes a lot of impairments, it so happens that a lot of cases are not approved through the list. Perhaps your disability did not get a 100 percent match with what was written in the list. In these cases, you are going to have to go about things in another way. And the second way to approach the matter is to prove that you are not able to do the work you did before, and you are not able to do any other type of work either.

But there are quite a few factors that will determine whether you can or cannot do other types of work. How old are you? What degree or skills do you possess? How much does your disability impact your ability to do things on a daily basis? These are questions you will have to answer. Only if it is determined that you cannot do any other work are you going to find yourself eligible for these benefits. For instance, if you worked a physical job before, but you are still able to do other type of work at a desk, you may not qualify. But if your disability is so bad that even sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and answering phones is beyond your capabilities, you may qualify.

Speak with an Attorney

As we mentioned at the start of the article, speaking with an attorney who specializes in SSD benefits claims can really help you in a big way. Not only can your attorney better understand how you will get qualified, but they can help you through the process. As long as you are completely honest with your attorney about how you got your disability, how bad it is and what type of work you are or are not able to do, they can help you win your SSD benefits case.

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