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Top 4 Ways to Negotiate a Divorce Settlement

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Divorce tends to be a sensitive situation. Obviously, the two parties did not plan to be in this situation. One or both parties changed, circumstances changed -whatever the case may be, two people who planned to be together forever will now be separating their lives. Tension and stress, pain and anger tend to be meshed when these circumstances are involved. Below are four ways to negotiate a divorce that will increase a successful outcome and cut down on stress and issues between the two parties.

Avoid Deadlines

Making proposals that have a time they expire typically shows the individual knows it is a bad idea. They are hoping the threat of a certain end date will blind the other party to how bad that proposal was. Instead, try to write proposals that will be satisfactory to both parties. That will increase their interest in responding and cancel the need for an end date.

Be Friendly and Willing to Negotiate

Being able to set aside your anger and hurt feelings over the breakup of a marriage goes a long way toward getting the divorce settled more quickly. In order to do this, work with the other parties in a friendly manner. Be willing to discuss various aspects of the divorce settlement. Be open to suggestions and the chance to negotiate to a compromise. This way, the divorce may get resolved more quickly, which is ultimately what everyone involved will want to see happen.

Take the First Step

In a situation where a settlement will be preferable for both sides, being afraid to agree first is a sign of arrogance or said fear rather than a sign that you are the stronger party. Usually strength and intelligence go hand in hand. Showing that you recognize that an offer is in the best interest of both parties means you are smart and willing to agree when it works out for both of you.

Be Prepared

This step means the party involved in the divorce and the lawyer need to have in-depth discussions to be sure they both are on the same page regarding what the priorities are in the proceedings. The client needs to understand that certain aspects may go their way, while others may need to benefit the other party. This is the best way to reach success in a negotiation. Both the lawyer and the client need to understand the limits the client is willing to accept. This can move things forward in a positive manner and reach an agreement quickly, rather than requiring a lengthy battle to resolve a divorce.

If these steps seem logical but you still have concerns about your case, then now is the time to reach out to a firm like Alpine Divorce and Family Law Attorney, where experienced staff can guide you appropriately for your specific situation. This will allow you to discuss certain aspects that are of particular concern to you. The lawyer can outline options and give you ideas to get the divorce settled in a timely manner.

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