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Keeping it Local: Why a Local Attorney can be an Asset to Your Personal Injury Case

Let’s be honest, no one ever really wants to hire a lawyer, but there are times in our lives where their expertise and knowledge is a huge benefit to us. For example, when you suffer an injury and are pursuing legal action against the party responsible for your injury.

When this is the case, you will find that hiring a local attorney will be much more beneficial. Here’s why:

  1. They’re more accessible

While there are plenty of satellite office set up by huge legal offices out of Los Angeles and New York that offer a local telephone number, you will find that these offices are just a front and you will actually be speaking with a personal injury attorney from a nearby large city. The issue with that is in the attorney’s accessibility. Local attorneys are much more accessible, allowing you to swing by their office to drop off paperwork (and avoid the courier fees), come in with a question or concern, or make an appointment that isn’t only limited to the brief window of time the attorney is in town.

  1. They support the local economy

Sure, this may not affect your case or it’s outcome, but nevertheless, it’s important to support your local economy. Local attorneys are your neighbors and they will hire locally as well. Any money you give to them to fight your case will be reinvested right in your hometown. So while you may not love parting with your money, you will at least know that this money is going towards other local entrepreneurs and supporting the local tax system and economy.

  1. They know the people in the court system

Your local attorney will be familiar with the judges, opposing lawyers, and courtrooms they will be fighting your case in. They may know their personalities, their likes and their dislikes, or the way their courtroom is run. This will mean that they will know how the judges lean, the opposing lawyer’s tactics and what you might encounter while fighting your case and what might benefit you. While the law is central to your case, local attorneys can help civil cases, since you do not need to find anyone 100% guilty, but only probable.

  1. If your case gets bigger, your local attorney is still plenty qualified

While many civil cases are solved before hitting the courtroom (over 90%, in fact), some civil cases do end up going all the way to the Supreme Court and making landmark decisions. If you’re worried that your local attorney may not be qualified to fight for you if your case reaches this point, rest assured that big city lawyers do not automatically come with better qualifications.

  1. Your out-of-pocket costs will be reduced

When you hire a local attorney, your out-of-pocket costs such as driving time, hotel costs, meals, etc. will be greatly reduced. Hiring a local attorney mitigates these costs because your attorney won’t have to drive hours to attend court or see you, and won’t need to stay in a hotel and charge meals back to your file.

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