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Why Is It Vital For Attorneys To Be Honest?

Law practice changed a lot since it appeared, with attorneys constantly competing to satisfy their clients, meet deadlines and get new clients. Unfortunately, this led many to use some dishonest tactics and this is what the media and people in general focus on.

The public is now under the completely false impression that the best lawyers are liars. A large part of those that do not think this still believe that attorneys misstate facts, mislead juries and twist words in order to win cases. What should be understood is that this is not actually the case. In fact, if an attorney does that and is caught, he can end up without having the right to practice.

Honesty Always Pays Off

Every single current or aspiring lawyer needs to understand that honesty truly is the best policy. AAG Reverse claims that whenever working with the other party involved in the case, facts win cases, not lies or twisting words around. The best attorney does not lie. He/she actually uses truths in order to help clients. The truth is practically a tool used for persuasion.

Let’s think about personal injury law, as covered by American Advisors Group, because it is often associated with lies in the media. In such a case, everything boils down to proving truth and facts. As a matter of fact, a really good personal injury attorney will sometimes evaluate cases completely differently based on client credibility. This is especially the case when client testimony is of paramount importance for the court. The honesty of the attorney is a key ingredient in negotiating higher recovery simply because the defense attorney and the adjuster know about the honesty of the attorney.

When talking about workers’ compensation cases, the client’s filing is denied or accepted mostly because of the statement of the client and whether or not an adjuster believes it. If the attorney has a reputation of being honest, this can be a huge advantage for the client. Being candid about facts and circumstances is very important.

We should highlight the fact that it is possible for attorneys to win by saying lies. This can happen on various occasions but the victory is then hollow and short-lived. This is because its foundation is a moral failure. Sooner or later such tactics are going to be identified. People will start to figure out that the attorney cannot be trusted. This is going to hurt clients. In the examples above, adjusters and other attorneys will no longer agree to better deals simply because of attorney reputation.

Final Thoughts

No matter how we look at things, being completely honest is vital to the success of every single case for every single attorney. The moral character and credibility of the professional are going to weigh into the decision of the client to hire the attorney in the first place. Those attorneys that are honest are going to have clients and much more success in the long run. Those that rely on shady tactics and lies will eventually fade out and disappear.

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