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Some of the Most Outrageous Lawsuits in US History

In America, we are all too familiar with strange lawsuits that pop up from time to time. When a person feels their personal rights are infringed, they may turn to the judicial system for what they deem as ‘justice”.  Occasionally, a lawsuit comes around that has us literally scratching our heads with disbelief. We’ve taken the time to scour the internet to bring you some of the most outrageous lawsuits ever to be filed in the United States. In the interest of professional curtesy, we have omitted the names of any injury lawyer or lawyers that have been counsel to any of these cases.

Split Personality Lawsuit

While incarcerated in 1995, Robert Lee Brock claimed that he had a split personality which was the cause of his arrest and later conviction. His claims were based on the grounds that his religious freedoms were violated. Of course, he believed his other personality was the one to blame in 1993 when the original incident occurred. As being a ward of the state, he asked that the state take responsibility and award him 5 million dollars. It was dismissed in court; Brock is still in jail and has never been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

Jelly Belly “Sugar” Lawsuit

Sugar comes in many forms (16 names for sugar to be exact!), and confectionary companies seem to use many variations of sugar, which are listed as many different names in their list of ingredients. This became very confusing for a woman in 2017 who sued the jellybean candy manufacturer, Jelly Belly. Jessica Gomez claimed that Jelly Belly was fraudulent by labeling their sugar ingredient as “evaporated cane juice”. Gomez argued that this was misleading consumers by hiding the amount of sugar in the candy. This case was quickly dismissed.

Scary Poster Lawsuit

In 2015 a woman was traveling through Grand Central Station when she fell down the stairs injuring her foot and ankle. She then claimed that she was distracted by a poster from the famed Showtime Series, “Dexter”. She said the poster was “disturbing, provocative and fear inducing.” The poster depicted the main character of the series wrapped in plastic wrap with his eyes open. The judge dismissed the case, stating that the network Showtime had no obligation to maintain the stairs in the station.

Chicken Sandwich Lawsuit

A Tennessee man sued the popular fast food restaurant chain Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken for $5,000 dollars for running out of their famous chicken sandwich. Craig Barr claimed the restaurant wasted his time while preparing his order and deceptively advertised the sandwich which was only available during a certain time of the year. On top of it all, he then added to the suit claiming his vehicle had been damaged in their parking lot. This lawsuit happened in 2019 and the trial is still pending. You can imagine that this kind of case isn’t the type a good injury attorney would enjoy taking.

Dry Cleaner “Guaranteed Satisfaction” Lawsuit

In 2007, a man in Washington D.C. sued a local dry-cleaning company claiming the business had lost his slacks. The customer was administrative law judge Roy Pearson who sued the dry cleaner for $54 million dollars. Roy Pearson could never prove that the dry cleaners had lost his trousers, so he then grabbed on the fact they advertised a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign in the store. The case became very well-known throughout the US and many people felt terrible for the business resulting in one of the earliest “crowd-funding” donation pool for their defense. The plaintiff ultimately ended up losing the case.

A+ Lawsuit

In 2003, Brian Delekta was finishing his senior year at a high school in Michigan. For one of his classes, he received an “A” grade for his work experience at his mother’s law office as an apprentice law clerk. Brian and his family felt that his work on this project deserved an “A+”, a slight rank above an “A” grade. His family then sued the school to raise the grade. This would have made Brian the valedictorian of his class. This case was later dismissed.


We hope that you have enjoyed our list of some of the silliest lawsuits ever to be filed in the U.S. Here at Justice Law Center, we pride ourselves in not only our silly content, but also we offer a great amount of personal injury lawyer information as well.

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