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The Best Defense: 6 Qualities Effective Defense Lawyers Have In Common

If you find yourself about to be arraigned or you’re facing trial for serious charges, then you’re going to need a capable defense lawyer, and not just for arrest relief. You need a litigator who can either get you off or else has the skills to negotiate with the prosecution and can get you a plea bargain that is reasonable to you. Otherwise, you’re probably going to receive the maximum sentence allowed under the law. Here are the qualities that excellent defense lawyers have for which you should be looking. 

A Superior Knowledge of the Law

The best defense lawyers know the law inside and out. Either they have been practising this style of law for a long time, or else they have learned a lot about it, and they are ready to put that study into practice. In either case, your lawyer should instil confidence in you. If they don’t, look for someone else who does.

An Even Temperament

The last thing that you want is a defense lawyer who is a hothead. A lawyer who is meant to be arguing on your behalf, and instead decides to take up a personal issue against the judge or the opposing counsel is not someone you want on your side. Look into the professional record of a defense lawyer you are thinking of hiring, and make sure that they don’t have any controversial incidents in their background involving their temper.  

Research Skills

Though your lawyer should know a great deal about the law, there is always more to be learned. Your defense lawyer should have the research skills necessary to find out about any aspects of your case about which they do not already know. No lawyer should ever claim that they know everything about the law. That is hubris, and it’s not a quality for which you should be looking.

Negotiating Skills

Your defense lawyer should be a master negotiator. That is how they will land you a plea deal which seems acceptable to you, or else get you off entirely.


Your defense lawyer should also have a bulldog mentality. They shouldn’t give up when things involving your case take a sudden turn. They should be able to regroup from every eventuality and come back with a new strategy.

Communication Skills

Communication skills should be at the forefront of your defense lawyer’s skill set. They should be able to speak reasonably and cogently to the jurors, the judge, and opposing counsel. They should be a skilled orator, but at the same time, they should be able to speak to a layperson in a way that they will understand, without resorting to a lot of legal jargon.

If you want to resolve a legal situation quickly and in the way that most benefits you, find yourself a great defense lawyer. If you choose the wrong one, the consequences could be dire for you, so don’t just select one at random and hope for the best. Pick a defense lawyer in which you have complete and utter confidence.

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