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5 ways your lawyers can help when deciding what type of personal injury claim is right for you

Choosing the right type of personal injury claim is not always as easy as it might sound. There is no such thing as a standard personal injury claim. Everyone’s injuries are different, and every case is different as a result. It’s one of the primary reasons you should contact an attorney such as Foyle Legal no win no pay lawyers when you’re considering a personal injury claim. Not only do you get to use their legal knowledge to help you with your case, but you also don’t pay a dime to the attorneys unless you win the case. You have questions, and your attorney has answers. Even the simplest personal injury case requires an understanding of complex legal details.

If you’re in the market to file a personal injury claim, you may even be surprised to learn that you may have more than one claim to file. If this is the case, you need to choose the right type of claim to file. An attorney’s job is to help you learn which type to file, what to do, and how to proceed when it’s time to file your claim. Don’t hesitate or wait because the statute of limitations to file is running out.

Your Attorney Helps You Understand Different Claims

There are times when your injuries might open the door for you to file more than one type of personal injury claim, and you need to know which is right. Your attorney will help you lay out the details and what they mean for your case, and they will make a recommendation about which type of case is the right one for you. For example, you may file a wrongful death claim if your spouse was killed in an accident, but there are many types of wrongful death claims. Your attorney helps you decide which one is right for you. Once you have an idea of what you can file in terms of your claim, you narrow it down to the one that you feel is the best option for you. Your attorney also helps you decide how much to ask for when you file your claim.

Your Attorney Goes Through the Evidence

Your attorney’s job is not just to go through the evidence you provide. It’s to gather more evidence to help present your case. When you explain to your attorney what happened, they make it a point to gather all the evidence. They collect personal injury reports, police reports, your medical records, witness statements, and they even go back to the scene of the accident to assess the situation with experts on hand. This helps your case now and when it’s being handled in court.

Your Attorney Recommends Personal vs. Bodily Injury Claims

There’s yet another aspect of filing a personal injury claim in every state. That is understanding the difference between personal injury and bodily injury. Without an intricate knowledge of the law, it’s not easy to determine which is better for you. Your attorney can help you understand the difference. A personal injury claim means you’re receiving compensation for both medical expenses and living expenses. If you file a bodily injury claim, you’re going to receive compensation that covers the cost of your medical bills and other bodily injuries. It might seem like an easy choice for you, but it’s rarely a simple choice for anyone.

Your Attorney Can Help With Creditors

One aspect of a personal injury case that many people fail to think about in advance is their financial situation. If you are out of work because of your injuries, you might not have the income to pay your creditors. If you have savings, now is the time to use it. If you don’t, your attorney can help you through this process by contacting your creditors to verify your accident and injuries. This makes it more likely your creditors will work with you to make other payment arrangements. For example, they might suspend your payments for a few months until you’ve had a chance to recover and get back to work. Your attorney can help you with this by providing proof of your injuries and the accident. It may not be help in deciding which claim to file in a personal injury situation, but it is a way to help you find the time to consider your options without further worry about your financial obligations.

Your Attorney Helps With The Details

Here is the most important thing your attorney can do for you when you’re deciding which personal injury claim to file. Your attorney will tell you what to do, what not to do, and how to do it if you want to win any personal injury case. For example, did you know you cannot post to social media when you’re in the middle of a personal injury case? While it’s certainly not illegal to use your social media accounts, every little thing you post, say, or share will work against you in a court of law if the defendant’s attorney finds it.

This includes your friends and family and their social media accounts. Let one person tag you in a photo at the beach or the golf course when you’re suffering from life-changing injuries, and the opposition will use that to prove you’re misrepresenting your injuries. This could cause you to lose the damages from any personal injury claim.

Your attorney cannot decide for you how you will file a personal injury claim, but your attorney will provide invaluable information you can use to make the most educated decision. From figuring out precisely which type of personal injury case you are eligible to file to helping you choose how much to ask for, your attorney is with you from start to finish. If you have questions, your attorney can answer them. If you’re worried about something, your attorney can ease your fears by correcting your train of thought. You need an attorney if you want the best chance of winning your personal injury claims.

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