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What follows after you face a DUI charge?

Besides the legal trouble you face after the police slap DUI charges on you, it can have far-reaching effects on many other aspects of your life. The DUI charges can take a toll on your job, relationships, mental health, and finances. When facing DUI charges for the first time, it is normal that the accused goes through severe mental stress that leads to anxiety and depression.  A host of emotions like sadness, anger, shame, and guilt engulf the defendant, who should immediately take help from a criminal defense attorney attached to Monder Law San Diego to seek some relief.

Let us look into the reasons for the turmoil faced by first-time DUI offenders.

The fear of arrest

Everyone wants to evade arrest because no one likes to spend even a second in jail. However, when charged with suspected drunken driving, it is difficult to avoid arrest because the police will take you to the nearest jail or police station to take your photographs and fingerprints. It can be a frightening experience for those who face the predicament for the first time, leading to panic and anxiety. Some states allow immediate release of the arrested person provided he or she furnishes bail with help from someone. However, in most states, the mandatory jail term is inevitable for first-time offenders. Usually, the one or two days jail term has provision for spending time in jail during the weekends, but it considerably damages the health.

Appealing in court

Soon after your arrest, the police will give you a summons or ticket that mentions the date of appearing in court to face the charges. It can be a humiliating experience for many people who are ashamed of appearing in court for erroneous behavior that attracts criminal charges. Moreover, since all courts are under video surveillance, your court appearance receives much publicity that further adds salt to injury by damaging your reputation.  Avoid trying to fight the case, plead not guilty or deny the charges that will shorten the court time and reduce exposure.

 Lose your driver’s license

Losing the river's license for a varying period is a standard penalty imposed for DUI offenses, including first-timers. Although some states offer a hardship license for driving to office or school, it does not make up for the curtailment of driving privileges that will hit you hard.  The guilt and shame weigh down heavily on you, and you might feel that you have become a burden for those from whom you seek assistance to travel from one place to another in their vehicle.

Pay fines and serve probation

 Fines are standard DUI penalty which varies according to the states. Although the fines are not very high, the circumstantial considerations increase significantly and can amount to thousands of dollars. Typically, first-time DUI offenders can avoid jail term because judges take a lenient stand and prefer to impose probation instead to give them a chance to turn sober.

However, violating the terms of the probation will lead to imprisonment. Going through an alcohol and drug education and assessment program is a must to get back your impounded driver's license.

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