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Why Hiring Auto Accident Attorney Is the Best Way of Increasing Your Personal Injury Settlement

There is no law stating that an insurance company is obligated to compensate victims for the injuries they suffer and pain experienced. This is a court decision. Attorneys often fear a court process, which is why they will propose an out-of-court settlement. But what if this offer is insultingly low?

One thing you can do is to threaten them with filing a lawsuit. However, if you don’t have a lawyer by your side, they won’t be moved. They retain attorneys whose only work is to appear in court to defend them. They are often ready to fight it out with you at the shortest notice possible. If you are unfamiliar with the process, your case could be thrown out on the simplest mistake.  Here is how an attorney can ensure that you get the highest possible personal injury settlement.

  1. An Attorney Understands the True Value of Your Claim

It’s not easy for most people to have an accurate idea regarding what their personal injury claim is worth. Although tools like personal injury settlement calculator do exist to help you know roughly what your claim is worth, it won’t give you an accurate approximation of your settlement’s final value. To get a high settlement that you deserve, you need to do more than just feed numbers into a program. You need to understand the finer details of your personal injury case. It includes, among other things, analyzing your injury, understanding the workings of insurance companies, putting a figure to your suffering and pain, and finally negotiating your settlement.

By pursuing your settlement on your own, you will just be guessing at what your settlement may be worth, and it could cost you a lot of money. Because most attorneys take these cases on a contingency basis, you won’t have to pay an upfront cost. There is, therefore, no risk in hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you. With an experienced attorney by your side, you can leverage their experiences and tools which boost your chances of getting the highest amount of settlement.

  1. They Understand the Legal Process

Let’s assume you have a good idea regarding what the value of your settlement is. Still, you won’t be familiar with the legal procedures that are involved in mediating or litigating your claim. You may not know the document to file, applicable statutes of limitations, and how to complete forms properly. This gap in knowledge could enable insurance companies to defeat on technicality grounds. The result is that you could lose thousands of dollars of your settlement just because you forgot to abide by some small legal processes.

On the other hand, an experienced car accident lawyer is conversant with all the nitty-gritty of the law, putting you at a vantage position when it comes to claims litigation.

  1. A Lawyer Improves Your Odds

Taking on an insurance company head-on is much like a battle. Showing up in court without a lawyer is like fighting with no weapons. It doesn’t matter how much preparation you have before the court session. You simply won’t match the insurance’s arsenal.

The insurance company will have their lawyers, and they know they have much more bargaining power and knowledge which they will use to make sure they pay the least possible settlement. They will take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the law to protect their interests. Your only hope will be on hiring a skillful and experienced personal injury lawyer to fight for you. This way, your chances of getting a high amount of settlement will increase.

  1. It is in the best interest of your lawyer that you get the highest possible settlement

Car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay no upfront fee. They then compensate themselves using a percentage of the recovery that they make for you.  Therefore, it is in their best interests that clients get good amounts so they can chalk off their percentages. This means that an attorney will fight for you like they were fighting their own case because they have an interest in the matter.

There is no good reason why you can’t hire an auto accident attorney. For one, they don’t charge you upfront fees. Secondly, their take-home depends on the recovery amount. This means they will fight for you as if it were their own case. If you think hiring an attorney for your auto accident case is expensive, just try going it alone. You will leave so much money on the table, that’s a guarantee.

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