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10 Ways to Get Most of the Money from a Major Car Accident

Being involved in a major accident in Baltimore can be utterly traumatizing. Besides getting injured, your car may incur costly damages. The process of car accident claim starts immediately at the accident scene.

Additionally, the actions you take during the accident and afterward as well as what you say to the authorities will play a significant role in the determination of the amount of money you receive to cover car repair costs, medical expenses, and other expenses.

So, what should you do to maximize compensation after a car accident? Here is a comprehensive guide on actions to take before and after an accident to ensure you receive the most money from a car accident.

1. Prepare For The Inevitable

Statistics show that nearly 38000 people die, and an additional 2.4 million others are injured or disable due to road accidents. This calls for you to prepare the inevitable by enrolling for a viable car insurance policy that will get you covered the most in case of an accident. Whereas there are various options for car insurance, select the highest quality policy that will provide you with maximum coverage.

Most importantly, be sure you can afford the policy. Insurance is a highly competitive sector, so take some time to shop around for viable insurance offers. Additionally, compare car insurance policies annually to ascertain that you are obtaining the best bargain from your coverage. Moreover, you may consider purchasing uninsured motorist coverage to protect you in an accident involving an uninsured driver or hit-and-run scenario.

2. File a report

It’s of utmost importance to report the accident to the police immediately. Failure to do so will translate to lack of enough evidence to get you awarded maximum accident compensation. You may call the police to come by the accident scene.

Otherwise, go to the nearest police station and make a full statement of the accident. You may opt to file an official report through your state’s department of motor vehicles. Moreover, ensure that you provide as much information as possible, including location, date, time, injuries, damage to the cars, the sequence of events, and names of witnesses.

3. Consult An Attorney

Call an attorney right away. An auto injury lawyer in Baltimore will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the situation. The professional will advise you on actions to take to procure appropriate care and receive the compensation you deserve.

While it’s easy to assume that car insurance will award you with maximum compensation, your lawyer may give you some light on other alternatives that can reap you maximum benefits. It’s noteworthy to know that there are deadlines and statutory requirements that limit the time you have to file a legal claim or challenge your insurance company’s evaluation of the accident. Consequently, the longer you wait, the less the evidence, and therefore, you fail to receive fair compensation.

4. Consult a Doctor

Getting most money from a car accident also depends on the medical records from a professional doctor. Whiplash caused by a car crash may not be noticeable at first but produces more pronounced effects in the future. So, make an effort to visit a trusted and regulated doctor regardless of the severity of pain and injury.

Besides, inform the health care provider about everything regarding your condition, even the slightest pain you are feeling. Your injury lawyer will rely on the medical records to provide evidence for injuries incurred during the car accident. Moreover, the treatment records are perfect provision for insurance agent’s requirement for written proof. A surgery will add value to your case, but this does not mean that you should undergo the procedure in a bid to receive maximum compensation.

5. Documentation is key

Undoubtedly, every detail is fresh shortly after the accident and the memory fades with each passing day. Following the accident, start documenting the scene and injuries sustained. Organize your documentation and keep it as much accurate as possible. Write down everything. This may come in handy during a court case or when the insurance company is awarding compensation.

Moreover, capturing a driver's statements such as “I was in a hurry” or “I was late” in the documentation process can help you out in case the driver’s insurance company blames you for the accident or denies coverage. Other essential information to capture during the documentation includes the contact information of eyewitnesses, photos of the accident scene and vehicles, pictures of your injuries, any physical evidence of the impact, and medical records. Moreover, keep all bills for home care and other expenses incurred due to your inability to undertake your normal activities as a result of the accident injuries.

6. Build a rapport with your physician

Your doctor is the second most crucial witness after you. So, it’s highly advisable to create an excellent relationship with your doctor. He will be more than willing to help with his testimony. Nonetheless, if he or she finds you stubborn, the statement may not work for your case.

Consequently, follow all instructions given by your doctor. Lost earning are an elemental part of compensation. However, you need to connect your losses with the injuries. Your doctor becomes valuable when you are trying to prove that your work absence is as a result of the accident injuries.

7. Be careful of what you say

Nothing can nullify a viable injury case faster than different accounts of testimony or false information. It’s common for injured parties to exaggerate the extent of the injury, but this can work against them in their claim for compensation. For instance, you may claim that you no longer play with your children as a result of the accident, but a private investigator captures you playing baseball with your kid.

Undoubtedly, such a case is doomed and will deter you from receiving maximum benefits even if you suffered a significant injury. Hence, avoid exaggeration at all cost. Moreover, giving different accounts to different parties such as medical practitioner or insurance adjuster can weaken your case. Consulting your lawyer to guide you on the right things to say will increase your chances of obtaining maximum compensation.

8. Be wary of money offers

Another drive may attempt to offer you money so that you don’t file an insurance claim. Moreover, an insurance company may provide you with cash in a bid to prevent substantial compensation. Be careful not to accept such offers since they may affect the strength of your case in the future.

In addition, the money may not cover all expenses of car repair and medical consultations. Before taking any offer and signing any document to seal the deal, consult your attorney. Your lawyer understands how injuries cost and will guide you on the best way to ensure that all cost incurred are covered.

9. Tread carefully on social media

For most users, social media is all about sharing what is happening in their lives and informing followers about new places or new activities they are exploring. Nonetheless, you will be required to take precaution when sharing information, images, or videos on your social media accounts.

Oversharing information can bring in harm on your suit. Moreover, the photos you post on social media may be used against you. For instance, images showing you globetrotting or visiting favorite spots may be used to accuse you of lying about the severity of your injuries, although you had to persevere intense pain during your trip. Additionally, you may consider staying away from social media until your case is settled.

10. Review your employment situation

You may consider taking some time off from work or apply for some benefits. Nevertheless, such actions may hinder you from gaining maximum compensation. Consequently, discuss your employment situation with your attorney to get to view how a change in employment status may affect the strength of your case.

Applying for benefits may limit the amount of money you recover since it’s easy to conclude that the benefits are a form of compensated for your injuries. Moreover, the jury in your case may need to review whether you stopped or continued working after the car accident.

Parting Thoughts

Car accidents claim several lives and also result in countless injury cases per year. Accordingly, it’s essential for drivers to seek car insurance policies that will offer maximum coverage. However, whatever you do or say after the accident will determine how much compensation you obtain.

To get the most money from a major car accident, ensure that you consult professionals such as a lawyer and a doctor. So, report the accident to the appropriate authority and record everything when the details are still fresh in your mind. Furthermore, keep all the necessary documents and be careful of what you say to different parties or post on social media.

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