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3 of the Worst DUI Stories in the Recent US History

Sometimes we do not take the gravity of our actions into account when we are caught up in the moment. If you leave a bar or a club and you do not “feel” drunk, you may think it is okay to drive and get yourself home as quickly as possible. After all, we each think of ourselves as a wonderful driver who would never get into an accident. But driving late at night, coupled with the fact that we have a few drinks in our system, is not a great combination. It can lead to accidents and sometimes those accidents are really devastating for everyone involved.

DUI Accident –

Being involved in a DUI accident is a brutal process for everyone involved. If you injure someone or severely damage their car while being under the influence, you could lose your driver’s license and your car insurance. Companies do not want to insure people who drive drunk. And you will probably face a harsher penalty on the DUI charge if you have caused someone else hardship because of your actions. If you are involved in this type of situation in Georgia, visit to contact one of their attorneys immediately.

Three Worst DUI Stories in Recent US History –

San Jose, California, 2010

While the accident happened six years ago, many people still recall the story when it made the news. A nineteen-year-old boy who was driving after having been to a party was clearly under the influence, and he found himself wrapped around a light pole because he was driving too quickly and could not turn in time. Not only did he smash into the light pole, but his car ended up catching on fire and the passenger who was in the car with him at the time died. The boy survived, but he faced severe repercussions for his actions that night.

Taconic State Parkway, New York, 2009

A 36-year-old woman drove her minivan on the wrong road at the Parkway. Instead of going in the right direction, she was driving in the complete opposite direction to everyone on the road! She was heavily intoxicated and ended up crashing into an SUV during her ride. Not only did she kill three people in the other SUV, but she also ended up killing herself and the four people who were in her car at the time. This is one of the clearest examples of the consequences of driving drunk: seven people losing their lives because one person behaved in a reckless and dangerous way.

Le Grande, California, 2010

A 43-year-old man drove his car right into another car because he was so heavily intoxicated at the time. The second car smashed into a third car and three people in the cars died, including a 12-year-old child! The man who caused the accident did not pass away, but he was convicted of his crime and sentenced to jail.

Do not drive drunk unless you want to become another statistic or sad story. But if you are arrested for a DUI, call a competent attorney today!

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