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Is It Time to Get Legal Help?

If you go through your entire life without ever running afoul of the law, you will certainly be in good company with millions and millions of other people.

On the other hand, more than just a simple traffic ticket or misdemeanor charge, well, then you could be looking at a major roadblock in your life.

In the event you have been charged with a sexual assault, the time to get help is immediately. Waiting around to consider if you can defend yourself or if you really need a criminal defense attorney on your side that is a choice you do not want to make.

As all too many alleged sexual assault criminals have discovered over the years, having that solid legal representation in their corner made all the difference in the world. Without it, they very well could have been years behind bars.

So, ask yourself, is it time to get legal help?

Knowing Where to Turn Right Away

When you have been accused of a sexual assault, many things likely go rushing through your head.

For starters, did you in fact commit a crime?

Even if you think you are 100 percent innocent, a charge or charges have been filed against you. As a result, you must defend yourself starting from day one. Otherwise, you could witness your personal and professional future become seriously derailed.

The next task at hand is of course finding the best criminal defense attorney in your area.

Remember, he or she goes through hundreds of cases each year, so you may at first think that you are just another number to the legal team you hire.

In order to develop that successful one-on-one working relationship with your attorney, make sure you are upfront with them about everything and anything involving your case.

Always avoid holding back any pertinent information and/or evidence.

Also make sure you do not lie about any of the events as you remember them unfolding the day of the alleged sexual assault.

Were you sober at the time? Were you taking any drugs at the time? Did you know the alleged victim ahead of time or had just met that day? Are there any witnesses that could testify on your behalf? If so, are they a reliable individual? For example, someone who has been in-and-out of drug rehab or has had other serious scrapes with law enforcement is not exactly the kind of strong character witness you want speaking up for you.

Tout Your Positive History

Another important item to focus in on is making sure your defense attorney touts your prior record (which is hopefully a clean one).

If you have been a successful individual and/or business owner up to this point and time, be sure that information comes out early on.

Remember, you may or may not go to trial (depending on whether or not there is enough evidence), so have a positive public image for both the prosecution and a judge to see.

Lastly, avoid getting caught up in the public eye when it comes to social media.

Unless you are a business owner trying to save your brand and you need some positive PR, do not let your case be tried in the court of public opinion.

As any smart defense attorney will tell you, not a whole lot of good comes out of having your case tried in the public.

When it comes to social media, today’s world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the many other social venues out there means good and bad.

On the one hand, many individuals will turn to social networking when they need to clear the air about something regarding themselves.

On the flip side; trying to clear the air can sometimes actually open up a can of worms. If that happens in your case, it can be difficult to recover from.

While you have the final say in any legal proceedings involving you and your criminal defense team, be sure to listen clearly to their advice, noting that these people deal with such cases on a regular basis.

Your freedom is something you should never take for granted.

Be sure you fight for your rights when you have been accused of the unthinkable.

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