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3 Signs That You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

No one has the power to predict the future. If there was any, a lot of things like injuries would be foreseen and stopped. Among the reasons why people insure themselves against personal injuries caused by accidents is probably because they don’t know when and where they might get injured. Sometimes it might be due to the carelessness of other drivers. To prevent you from paying any costly medical bills after an injury, you should sign up for a personal injury policy with a good insurance company. Like it is said, prevention is better than cure. The process of claiming may seem easier on paper than in reality. Getting your claims compensated may need a lot more than just walking into the insurance company's office and asking for compensation. If you are not getting compensated as per the terms of the policy, it might be time to get yourself a personal injury lawyer. Below are situations or signs that you need a personal injury attorney:

  1. Intimidation

The reality is that almost all insurance companies have lawyers who represent them in any legal battle. It is therefore healthy if you also have one. This will ease and speed up the compensation process as lawyers understand each other. You may not have the right skill or understanding of analysing the law like they do. To be on the safe side, always walk to your insurance company with a lawyer who has enough experience in matters pertaining to personal injuries. If you walk to your insurance company to ask for any claim without a lawyer, you might be treated as a rookie. A rookie is considered a semi-literate person. As such, you might never get compensated.

  1. Severe and permanent injury

Injuries differ in nature. Sometimes, the injury might be severe to the extent that you can't even walk to the insurance company and claim for any compensation. If the injury is severe or extremely serious, it might also prevent you from working. This is a sign that you need Albany personal injury attorneys who will be able to confront the insurance company on your behalf. You may not be able to go to work, but you still need to make ends meet, especially when you have a family to look after. Injuries can cause a lot of inconveniences to you and your loved ones. According to, injuries from an accident are the leading causes of death amongst people aged between 15-29 years of age. Accidents can also be fatal and leave you with permanent disabilities. If so, you are unlikely to heal and get back to work. That means you may not be able to make a claim yourself. This is a big sign that you need the help of a personal injury lawyer.

  1. Complicated case

Sometimes, the case might be very complicated. An accident that involves many vehicles may be very difficult to analyse. This is because no insurance company wants to take responsibility of paying out claims. It might therefore take forever before you are paid. Sometimes, the cause of the accident may result from a faulty part of the vehicle and thus the manufacturer is supposed to take care of your claims. This might be very complex for you to handle. You will need a personal injury attorney to fight for your claims.

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